Breast Enhancement Testimonials – Real life success stories :)

I’m Jules, Bountiful Breast® Program Specialist, and a proud Testimonial Customer.

It was just after the birth of my three boys I noticed substantial breast loss, flaccidity, and sagging, after finishing the BB Program I went from a small AA cup to a miraculous C cup. My doctor was amazed because my mammograms showed I had high breast density again like a much younger woman who did not have children and he had looked at my mammograms for years and saw a huge difference.

You can listen to my video to hear more about my success with the BB Program and how it can work for you.

Our BB pills work in the human body by slowly and naturally re-stimulating the pituitary gland – the body’s major hormone regulator – in order to reactivate your body’s natural breast enlargement (growth) hormones estrogen/progesterone.

It has been known that the BB pills help to balance your progesterone and estrogen hormones and lowers your testosterone and as well has aided in menopausal symptoms. Results can be seen in as little as 4-6 weeks, some sooner as results are individualized.

I am here to help you to increase, firm, and uplift your breasts and share my “own” personal tips that I did back in the day that really works.

In particular, I will teach you of my hydro-therapy massaging and exercising techniques with our Bountiful Breast® Beautification cream, which will help to give you round, shapely and fuller breasts within your first jar of use.

You should know that there is a right way and a wrong way of massaging your breasts.

I will teach you the right way as massaging the wrong way can actually shrink your breasts. Customers usually report they start to see fullness on the top of their breasts, under the arms and across the chest area.

While you are on our Bountiful Breast® Natural Breast Enlargement Program you will be amazed at the results that you will see.

In the first few weeks, customers report that they start to feel some tingling, itching, soreness, and different sensations in their breast area which is an indication our BB Program is working for you. Customers have reported 1 to 3 cup sizes of breast increase over a period of time.

Order now over the phone and receive introductory savings offer for natural breast enlargement. We ship discreetly for your privacy. If shipping to a different address from your billing address please call before you place your order.

We can’t wait to have you join our Bountiful Breast® Enlargement Program. We know you will love your results.

We care / I care.
– Jules Bountiful Breast® Program Specialist

Thanks so much for making such great quality products and for being an incredible company. I am forever grateful and am looking to my future with healthy more voluptuous breasts!

Now, hello to everyone looking for a better solution and alternative to just breast implants:

Bountiful breasts truly is so much cheaper than surgery and so worth the money. There is no need to get surgery and be scared of any implant issue of some sort. I would suggest doing this, not only if you want bigger breasts, but also if you want more natural breasts as well! The bb program is the best solution for you. I also have always thought of getting breast implants but was scared of having my breasts look unnatural. So the Bountiful breast program was the go-to solution for me. Thank heavens this program exists!! Without it, I’d honestly be lost.

So I first knew of bountiful breasts because I had seen many ads for it. However, there was this specific YouTube video I was watching on how to naturally enhance your breasts and she was using the bb pills as well as having a bountiful breasts giveaway. I researched more about bountiful and saw so many more raving reviews! Seriously those reviews never lie, this program is so worth the investment and money. I’d like to add too that I was and still am healthy overall. I highly recommend this program for anyone. The customer service at the company is highly beyond helpful and it goes above what customer service truly is. I remember my first inquiry and call to this company and my BB program advisor Jules picked up right away and she helped me answer all of my questions on how I can get started and what the best program would work for me. She was so sweet, funny and helpful! She had eased my nerves about any uncertainty whilst on the program too! I got started on the BB pillls/Booster pills/BB cream and I take a protein shake with pills in the afternoon.

In addition, I do have to add about the cream and rave about it! So, I had used the cream on my buttocks and my hip to fix hip dips for a few months now I’d say. Now I get so many compliments from everyone that they adore and love my beautiful figure. Literally, everyone adores my body now. I also have to add, the cream literally got rid of my cellulite all of it instantly! I never thought this was possible. My booty and hips have grown and I am more than pleased if I do say so myself!

On another hand, I had NOTICED changes in my breasts as well literally within the first few days of taking the BB pills/Booster pills and using the cream morning and night!! Especially since I was taking maca powder before bountiful breasts. I have stopped taking maca powder, since I ran out since after the first week of taking the BB pills/Booster pills, and still have not used Maca powder since. However, the results I am getting are still looking priceless! I am already a fuller cup size and growing in such a short amount of time.

I am so grateful that I could still take this on my period, with coffee etc. This program is truly a blessing in my life that I can’t live without. Jules mentioned while she was on the program years ago that she saw her breast developing while on her period.

During this program, I was scared about gaining noticeable weight and I have to say it isn’t super noticeable at all. In addition, gaining weight does help to gain bigger breasts as well, but you won’t gain a whole amount of weight in other places that it is noticeable. You will be gaining a healthy weight if you eat healthy foods to feed your breasts. However, I do recommend instead base your diet instead of more natural non processed foods to feed your healthy breasts. Also, follow “Jules “Foods to Feed your Breasts”. Jules has wonderful tips that she did and they really do work! I also workout frequently and always strive for lean toned muscle. Jules has great exercising techniques for the breasts as well. Her massaging techniques are extremely effective too.

The entire program is so helpful and extremely organized. Jules will put together a program that will work for you. Jules has always been there giving me the best guidance and helping me with any concerns that I have. Jules will be supporting you all the way on your program.

I was feeling tingling, itching and quite a bit of soreness around my nipples. The pain that you may feel in your breasts isn’t bad at all. It just is a natural growing pain that happens in the breast tissue. Don’t be scared at all because it truly isn’t bad. You can call me crazy haha but I was proud and grateful the pains were happening. It just means you’re growing!! Yay!!

Finally, definitely give this program a try, it won’t hurt at all! It is worth all the money in the world! Definitely also make sure to make so much room in your budget for bountiful breasts. If you do, you will never regret it at all!

Call and ask for Jules, she’s a great help.

I have been on BB pills for 8 months and can clearly see a difference in fullness and roundness. I am filling out my bras more which is amazing! I love that there are no side effects to the pills and they don’t interfere with my menstrual cycle. I also love how great the customer service is. Jules is so attentive and responsive. It is important to make sure to get enough protein to be successful.


My experience with the bountiful breast program so far has been outstanding and never did I believe that I would find such a remarkable company that truly cares not only to help us grow breasts but for our overall health. This to me has truly been amazing.

I love the bountiful breast program that includes the BB pills, “miracle” booster pills, BB cream and as well consuming 50mg of protein which is essential for the body and breast tissue. The bountiful breast cream has such a unique smell and it is so smooth and silky on my breasts. The cream smells like a bed of pink roses.

I have found the bountiful breast program to be a most incredible journey and Jules, the Rep/Advisor is always there assisting with my questions, answering to my emails and helping me along with my progress and even sharing all of her own personal tips that she did which are really working for me.

Today, I feel so blessed to know such amazing people who truly care and are authentic and loving. I am learning more about my breasts each week and how truly wonderful it feels to know that there is a natural and safe alternative to breast implants. Breast implants as we all know can cause so many issues, besides those who don’t want natural breasts. I like “natural”, don’t you?

Anyway, let me tell you how I started on the Bountiful breast program. It was one evening when I went online and decided to do some research on breast development as I was tired of seeing my breasts a/b cup size after losing most of my size and my breasts were sagging from the birth of my three children. I came across the website and I called and inquired about it and spoke with a lady, Jules. She told all about the program and how it worked for her. At first I was skeptical since not knowing if Jules was telling me the truth or just a “sales” pitch to get me to buy their product. She was so informative and her voice sounded so sincere, so I decided I would start the bountiful breast program. I did try taking herbal pills that promised results but little to no success and as well I had no one to talk about the products because there just was no support. The bountiful breast program does give you support and that is what is really helpful for me to know I could talk to someone about my progress. It really sounded to me to be an honest and caring company that really wants to help both females and males to grow their breasts. Yes, I say males, as Jules told me that they also help males to grow breasts and of course when I heard this I was sure it would help me.

Today I can honestly say how much I love the bountiful breast program as, Jules the BB Rep/Advisor has always been there for me throughout my progress. Jules and the team are always on top of things and for this I am so grateful.

As you ladies out there must already know, pregnancy can really change the way our shape is and our breast in ways we don’t appreciate that is why breast care and health are important just like any other vital organs of our body. As well Jules will teach you of the essential vitamins to take for healthy estrogen receptors. We all know that vitamins are vital for overall health and that means our “boobs” too.

You should also know for the bountiful breast program to give you the optimum results you are looking for our body temperature needs to be monitored on a daily basis, and Jules will provide all the details on this. Bountiful Breast program provides men and women’s needs to have optimum results.

I start each morning with my BB pills and again around 6 PM then I take it again around 9:00 PM or 10 PM. on a bit of an empty stomach for years I disliked my breast but learning to love all of me is more important than risking my life for breast implants.

I am thankful I found bountiful breast (Avalon essentials.)
~Teresa. 2018
Much love

Hello to all the Ladies looking for Breast Augmentation:

I discovered the Bountiful Breast pills and cream from a friend that had used them with great success. After seeing her fantastic results, I decided to give it a try. I always wanted to have bigger, firmer and more lifted breasts.

I wouldn’t allow myself to go under the knife to get implants, knowing the high risk that comes with breast implants. I have to tell you the Bountiful Breast Program has really worked for me.

My results are absolutely incredible; I went from a 36B to a 36D! I saw visible breast growth and rounding in only three weeks. I’m overjoyed at what’s happened to me!

All I can say is this is incredible. You can see me braless in my after photo and I think you will agree that I’ve gotten spectacular results.

Bountiful Breast Reviews

I even made some videos about the Bountiful Breast program because I got so excited about it. I’ve told all of my friends and they can’t wait to get started too.

I am very open and into supporting other women and promoting awareness of natural foods, healing and medicines. If I can stop even one woman from going under the knife and having toxic breast implants sabotaging her health, it will make me so happy!

I love the BB Program and particularly the Beautification Breast cream. It goes on so smooth and silky and has a rosy scent. I also noticed that it doesn’t stain my underclothes.

Before I forget, I’ll mention that you can see me on the Bountiful Breast cream jar. I was approached to become their model and I proudly accepted. Last but not least, the Bountiful Breast live support program is always there to help you. Bountiful Breast is a company that really cares! Love you BB!

Chicago, IL


Dear Avalon Essentials,

I am overly excited about Bountiful Breasts.

My name is Cynthia and I am a 39 year old mother and wife. I work in the medical field with my husband and have a very active life.

My story starts about 20 years ago. I modeled during my high school years and on into college. I was 5’9 and weighed about 130lbs during that time. I had a good body and a normal size bust. But because I was modeling, I was also an expert on every diet and diet pill there was, which caused havoc on my breast.

When I got married and had my beautiful son, I lost everything after breastfeeding and went from a full C to an A.

Since his birth 14 years ago I began working out on a daily basis and became a vegetarian. I truly think I look better now than I ever had before, but that was if you didn’t look at my chest. It was non-existent. I lost a lot of weight and got to the point where I had to wear padded bras and water bras. I also spent large amounts of money on the silicone inserts. I finally began telling my husband that I wanted breast implants. It was all I could think about and I hounded him for three years about it. My husband is a Dr. and he refused to let me put a foreign object in my body.

This Christmas we all began opening our gifts as usual. My last gift was a box that didn’t weigh much in pounds but weighed heavy on my heart. I opened the box and saw two bottles of pills! I began to cry with excitement and hugged my husband with tears streaming down my face.

That night I took a picture of myself so that I could compare it if I began to grow. I began taking the pills the next day along with the L-Tyrosine and the protein shakes. Each day without fail I took my pills. After the second week, my breasts became very sore and I could tell that they were larger. I took another photo.

I have now been taking the pills for a little over a month and I am amazed at the results. I didn’t change my diet or my exercise routine in any way. I didn’t want my breasts to grow because my body was growing. I wanted my breasts to grow because the pills were working.

I am finding out on a daily basis that the breast enlargement pills do work. I am still 5’9 but now weigh 119lbs. I am much smaller than I was in high school, but my breasts are bigger than before my son was born. My bras are getting tighter and it’s time to visit Victoria Secrets once again. Attached is my before photo and my very happy during photos. I am so excited about this product and have only good things to say about it. I am also including my new email address for anyone who has questions for me. I will answer any and all emails that are related to this product.



Dear Bountiful Breast!

I am sending a testimonial about your Bountiful Breast® pills I have been taking. I had a baby last year on May 29th and I breastfed her for three months straight and because knew it was better for her. After I stopped breastfeeding her, I lost all my weight and got down back to my normal size which is a three or five anyway after I lost all my weight my breast went too. I lost all my fat in them. They sagged so ugly and when I would bend over basically all you saw was a nipple. When I put my bra on they didn’t even look like breasts in it.

So one day I was reading my glamour magazine and saw Bountiful Breast® in it so I got on the internet and went to the website and I read the testimonials. So I said what the heck I’ll call. When I called I got the sweet, honest and friendly Jules that answered. That day I talked to Jules for a very long time over the telephone about the Bountiful Breast® pills. She was so honest with me about it so that very same day while I was on the phone with her I ordered the pills, protein drink. It all came in on the same day.

After taking the Bountiful Breast® pills for only 4 months I have seen amazing results!

I measured across my boobs the day I talked to Jules and I measured as 33. A couple of weeks later I measured in front of my husband and I was a 36. He went “wow” it is working so I am very, very excited about Bountiful Breast® pills now. I know I was at least an 32A cup and now I have a 36 B cup and it is really tight. So I could be bigger now. I still plan to get bigger. I live here in the Houston Texas area and we have a rock radio station here called ROCK 101 KLOL and one morning they were talking about Bountiful Breast® telling women to call if they want bigger breasts. I had to call the station up and let all of the listeners know the product works.

Do you know they started calling Jules and a sixty five year old lady even called and ordered. So I am happy that I told everyone out there of this wonderful product. Ladies out there have patience it takes time but it is working. You will start to see results in about three months. You will feel like little pains in your breast then itchyness then a rise then it starts to get fuller it also looks like I have inplants ladies.They look round. I feel like a teenager again and proud at the way they look now. It is like a dream come true ladies. My husband loves them now. They are not where he and I want them to be yet but they’re getting there.

I will keep in touch with you Jules and I love your honesty and friendly voice.

Thank you for introducing me to your Bountiful Breast® product I recommend this for all ladies out there who have breastfed, sagginess, little, or who just want to get bigger this is the product you are looking for. To all you ladies out there give it time and patience and before you know it you’ll be smiling again. Here are my before and after photos. Good Luck Ladies! Thank You Jules and I love ya. Take care.

Love Ya,

breast enlargement before after photos

My name is Shawna, and I am Bountiful Breast products number one fan!! These pills have changed my attitude, my self-esteem, and my life for the better. I was very skeptical about taking these pills (my boyfriend made fun of me and did NOT believe they would work). I was a small B when I started taking the pills, now four months later I am a full C. These pills also made my breasts firm, as well as larger. I am a bartender and my tips are better than ever before! My clothes fit, and look better-especially swimsuits!!

My boyfriend will see my bottle of pills getting low and say “you’re going to order more right? I want them to keep growning.” All you have to do is take the pills and drink the shakes, I still wear the same size jeans as when I started the program. I have not gained any extra body “tissue” except in the one place that I wanted it. This product is totally worth it, one of the best investments that I have made!!

Shawna F. – Purchased 9 Month Supply


My name is Nancy. I am of Asian descent, I started on Bountiful Breast about 3 months ago and began noticing tenderness and swelling in breasts like the feeling you get before menstruation. My breasts feel fuller and my bra fits very snug. I’m a 34B and have always felt conscious about my small breast size and thought about getting breast implants. I tried an herbal product with their tea and lotion and even restricted my diet from caffeine intake but it did not do a thing to change breast size for me. Then one day I came across Bountiful Breast and was impressed that it stood out in that it’s not a herbal supplement like all other breast enhancement pills out there.

Given BB’s uniqueness and having contact with BB users from the testimonial page, I was confident when ordering my first bottle. I’m excited to continue and see more amazing results by summer. My goal is to be able to wear a halter top with confidence without having to wear a padded bra at all times. Thanks to everyone at customer service and those on the ordering line for your professionalism, patience and understanding. Attached are my before and after photos taken in the same bra; as you can see the bra although still padded fits more snug on me and I sure can feel the difference. Like I said I hope to be wearing a see through bra w/o padding soon.

Thanks again.

Nancy N.
Purchased 9 Month Supply

Before and After photo of silvia

I had started looking into breast enlargements back in March 2007 and really didn’t want to get Implants so I looked all over the internet for natural breast enhancements and the first website that came up was Bountiful Breasts. I started reading the testimonials and looked at the before and after pictures and just envied everybody in there that are bigger then me and at first I was thinking that it couldn’t be real, because if it was why isn’t every Woman on this program and why haven’t I heard about it. After reading and looking at this website for weeks, I decided that I have to try it for myself and because I am a very skeptic I ordered only enough for one month, so in case it didn’t work I wouldn’t loose to much money. If I only new then what I know now, I could have saved money by ordering the nine months supply right from the start, because this really works! Honestly if anybody reads my testimonial, please do order more then just one month worth. I grew 2 inches just after three weeks and thought WOW, if I grow this much in three weeks then I would be at my preferred size in no time. After I knew from my own experience that Bountiful Breast really worked I placed my second order and this time the nine month supply, just because I had not reached my Ideal size yet. I’m still working on it.

I can feel my breast growing every three to six month, so I’m going to take the BB’s until I have reached my ideal size. In case you were wondering what size I started at, I started at lower then 34 AA, if there is such a thing and I’m now a full 34 B. Yippee! And the lovely staff is going to help me get there. If it wasn’t for the pictures in the testimonials, I properly would still be reading about it. What I’m trying to say is, that I love to read and look at the testimonials and hope that there will be new ones coming soon, including my pictures and testimonial. So far it’s been two years since I got on the program and we’ll see how much longer it will take until I reach my goal. I remember that it took about four years for me to grow to 34 C when I was a teenager, so I’m prepared to wait this long again.

I take two BB’s and two proteins shake a day. I can feel and see it working, because my nails start growing and I also feel very tired and my nipples are very sensitive and they hurt when touched, just like when I was pregnant. I can live with that, as long as it keeps working. I remember feeling tired as a teenager, so I know its normal and my good friend was always tired too, when she was growing. Just to let anybody know in case somebody else has the same experience.

The funny part is that my husband didn’t know what I was doing and noticed it after the first three weeks. He made a comment about my breast getting bigger and asked me if I was having my period again and I said no. I didn’t tell him what I was up to, for two years and he hasn’t said anything anymore either. I’ve been hiding my BB’s in the bottom drawer in our fridge in a Ziploc container and he never saw them until recently and he wanted to know what they were, so I told him that they were Natural Breast enhancement Pills and I waited for his reaction, the only thing he wanted to know was, how big I can get? I didn’t say, because like I said before, I grew so fast in the first three weeks and then it slowed way down and I don’t want that pressure from my husband, asking me every so often how much longer until they’re bigger? My friends don’t know what I’m up to either and I don’t think that they havet noticed anything, because I always wore bigger bras from the beginning. Now I wear bras that actually fit me. I know that it’s working, because my breast had filled out so much and my old oversized bras fit now, it just will take a little longer then I hoped, to reach 34 C, but I’ll get there eventually. Every now and again I see my husband looking at me with the question mark look and I know that he knows something in my breast look different and when he holds my breast in his hands he tells me that they feel much fuller and that he likes it. Before I started the program, I would tell my husband that I wanted bigger and fuller breast and even considered to get implants and he would tell me that they were fine and more then a handful would be a waist. What he doesn’t remember is that I was a 34 C before we had our kids (23 yrs. ago) and when I try to make him remember; he would tell me that it’s not true. Sorry honey, but it’s true and he’s just trying to be nice and doesn’t want me to worry about my breast. I know that he won’t complain about my breast, once I’m back to my old 34 C and I’ll bet you that he’ll be as happy as me. I just think that having bigger and fuller breast makes me look a whole lot more like a woman, then the once I had before I started the program. Like I said, I haven’t reached my size yet, but soon I’ll be there!

After being on the program for the first three weeks, I couldn’t keep it to myself anymore and had to tell someone about the amazing Bountiful Breast Pills. I was so exited, so I told my friend and waited for her to tell me how ridicules this all sounds and how dumb I was for wasting my money like that. Instead of laughing at me and making fun of me, she surprised me by going straight to the computer at the very same moment and ordered Bountiful Breast for herself. What a good friend she is, that believes and trusts me without any questions. That is truly a friend. I know some of you think that maybe she’s just that naïve, but I know I was desperate in finding the magic pill and so was she. She got on the Bountiful Breast program and grew bigger and faster then me. At first I was really jealous, but then I thought that’s just what I hoped for. After all I recommended Bountiful Breast to her and surely would have hated it if it didn’t work. I can’t wait until I’m at my desired size! I will tell everybody about this program and anybody that commends about my breast and asks me if I had implants.
You can’t hide the fact that it’s working, because it shows. If there is anybody out there that is reading my testimonial on the Bountiful Breast Site please don’t wait any longer and get on this program and start growing now! You aren’t getting any younger and time goes by so fast and before you know you look and feel great. Speaking of feeling and looking younger! I had people ask me if had found the Fountain of youth, because I suppose to look so much younger then I did before. Yes I believe I have found the Fountain of youth within Bountiful Breast! So thank you Bountiful Breast for making this wonderful Product for woman like myself and thanks again for helping me! Included are my pictures from before and during. I will post more pictures as I keep growing and changing. Thank you so much Bountiful Breast, you have changed my life and given me a second change of looking and feeling young again!

~ Silvia Foote – Purchsed the 13.5 Supply
Thanks and happy growing!

Breast Enlargement Before and After Photos

I had never had a weight problems as a child. I was fit, about 120lbs – 5 foot and I was a 34D. Then as I got older (20 years old) i gained about 90lbs, so I weighed about 210lbs. I struggled with my weight for years until I was about 28. That’s when I got serious about my weight loss. I started eating right and working out. I was able to lose all the weight and now i weight about 115lbs! However, with the loss of all the weight, I also lost all of my breast fat and was left with flat, empty breast-flaps not very sexy=(. So I started looking for a way to improve my breast size.

I looked at implants and felt it was just to risky. At that point I thought I would have to live with empty saggy breasts untll one day I was online and came across Bountiful Breast and thought this is too good to be true. But I said to myself “why not try it and see what happens.” i’ll admit in the beggining I was sceptical, saying things like “theres no way 2 pills a day is going to make my breast grow,” but i was willing to try anything. So I started the treatment. it took about 2 1/2 months before I started to see any differance in the fullness of my breasts. So far, I have been taking the pills for about a year and have gone from a 34nothing to a 32B/C depending on the brand of bra.

I must say that this has been life changing for me, as surgery was never an option. I’m not willing to cut into my body for beauty reasons and thought I would never have breast again. These pills have been a life changing miracle for me and i tell anyone who will listen how wonderful and awsome this treatment is. I’m still not quite where I want to be yet, so i’m still taking the pills knowing that one day I will reach my goal of a d/dd size.


Amanda “Kitty” Rose Abronson- Purchased the 13.5 Month Supply


I have always been very “straight-up-and-down” in build. Basically, I look just like my mom and am built like my dad – athletic, tall, thin, long arms, long legs, and I always had small breasts. Built like a runner. Most of my friends started puberty around age 12 and started developing breasts, and I figured I just needed to wait and I would catch up them. Well, I didn’t start puberty until I was 15, and by about age 17 it was pretty clear that I wasn’t ever going to have breasts like my friends. I got all the “mosquito bite” jokes from guys about my small breasts and was very self-conscious about them, dreading taking my shirt off in gym class or wearing a bathing suit. My mom told me to just wear a padded bra like she did, as pretty much all the women in my family are small-breasted, but I didn’t want to do that. I was stubborn and although I was self-conscious I figured if people didn’t like me the way I was then that was too bad. I still longed to have a more “womanly” figure, though.

Over the next 20 years I pretty much resigned myself to the fact that I was going to have to accept having a figure that I didn’t feel was particularly feminine. I had looked at pictures of women with breast implants, and considered doing that at some point although the cost seemed ridiculous. But I didn’t like the way they looked so “fake” – like two cantaloupes sitting on someone’s chest, and I had read too many stories about women whose implants ruptured, women who had to go in for repeat surgeries, had medical complications, etc. and I really didn’t want to put myself through that.

By the time I turned 42, I had lost a lot of weight after some really stressful events in my life and had become way too thin. I am 5’ 9 ½inches tall and got down below 125 pounds and looked really skinny and even more flat-chested – what breasts I HAD had were pretty much GONE, even after I put some weight back on and got back to my normal 135. I had heard about breast enlargement pills but really thought they were probably just scams. At any rate, I was frustrated with the way I looked and so I did a LOT of research on breast enlargement supplements and creams, comparing different companies and the reviews they got from customers and others who had checked them out. I am a medical professional and I research EVERYTHING – so I wanted to make sure if I tried one of these supplements that I wasn’t taking something dangerous to my health. I was very impressed by Bountiful Breast’s website, the wealth of information, the FAQs, the testimonials and the very obviously REAL before and after pictures! I was still a little nervous so I sent an e-mail asking about the product to a woman who had put her testimony and e-mail address on the site. She wrote back immediately and gave me some very reassuring and honest information, letting me know that she had a similar build to mine and that her results had been slow but that she was getting results and was VERY happy with the product. She even sent me some additional pictures and I was very impressed with what I saw. She encouraged me to take the supplements exactly as prescribed, without food and to take the whey protein shakes in addition to the supplements. I was convinced Bountiful Breast pills were worth a try!

I decided to make Bountiful Breast a late birthday present, and in October of 2008 I started taking the pills twice a day and supplementing them with the whey protein shakes, which I really enjoy. I began them October 30, 2008 and on November 12 I took my first measurements. I was 30 inches around the rib cage and the measurement around the fullest part of my bust was 33 ½ inches – I was between AA and A – yikes! I hoped I would see results and decided I would just be patient and let the supplements work in my body. I didn’t see any measurable results until January 10, 2009. On that day, my rib cage was still 30 inches around but my bust size had increased to 35 inches. I was very happy but thought maybe it was just “water weight” and kept taking the pills. By February 8, 2009, my rib cage was still 30 inches but now my bust size was 35 ½ inches! I was starting to get really excited and was sure the pills really were working! I could see much more fullness in my breasts and even had a little bit of cleavage, something I had NEVER had! I continued on the program and kept measuring myself about once every month. Although my measurements stayed about the same for several months, I did notice that my breasts were fuller, firmer and more “rounded,” so much more feminine than they had been! I stayed about the same size until July 16, 2009, when I was astonished to see that my bust size was 35 ¾ inches even though my rib cage measurement was the same 30 inches! By this time I could actually see some “shadow” beneath my breasts due to the increased fullness in my breasts and had had to buy some new bras.

It is now August 27 and I have grown to 36 inches in my bust! That is 2 ½ inches since October! My breasts are so much fuller and so much more feminine. I look better in shirts and have had to exchange some of my small t-shirts for mediums because the smalls are too tight around the bust now. I catch a glimpse of myself sometimes in the mirror or walking past a window and am amazed that I look so curvy! I am very happy with this product. Another amazing thing is that I really have had NO side effects with the BB pills and that was something I had really worried about. I am truly a skeptic and really thought that this was my last chance to try SOMETHING to enlarge my breasts naturally and I honestly went into this thinking that it probably wouldn’t work. But I was SO wrong! I am very, very thrilled with my results and plan to continue taking the supplements and the whey protein shakes. I wanted to write this testimony because I really want other women like me to know there is a better option than painful, expensive and often dangerous surgery and that this product is really FANTASTIC and IT WORKS. Thanks so much, Bountiful Breast, for SUCH a great product!!!!!!

Leslie R.
Purchased 9 Month Supply

bountiful breast before photo

Wow! I can’t believe that my turn to write a testimonial came! I am so excited! A few months ago I was just like you! Searching for the “Magic” pill to enhance my breasts (I don’t know if I could call them back then breasts). But as you can see, in my pictures, I really found the MAGIC pill. ?

A little about me: I am 25 years old, no children – yet and I don’t smoke. My height is 5’2′ and I weight 125 lbs. I was the first one in my class that had signs of breast growing. I was 11 years old. But for some reason…I stopped growing breasts at age 12… and I was always flat like a wall. I thought that my breasts will continue to grow in my puberty age…but nope! So when I got to age 16 I started to look for information about breast augmentations. I used to sit in front of the computer for hours and collect all the information I need to know for the breast surgery. I read forums, Sites etc… And by the age 18 I knew everything about the surgery. I went to a few consultations and I picked a good Doctor. I then told my mom and my boyfriend (that’s my husband today) that I want to go under the Doctors knife and put implants into my body. My mom was really against the whole thing, she said to me that I am crazy! My boyfriend didn’t like the whole idea too. He didn’t like to think that I will have to cut my body for fake breasts. (To be honest with you I also didn’t like that idea but I wanted boobs!)

Back then, I was so sad that I didn’t have any support from anyone that was really close to me. Then I decided, that I don’t care that no one supports me and I am going to do the surgery for breast. I went to the Doctor again and I had a few more questions…. He said that, he can put an implant that is 550cc in my body. The first thought was YIKES! He said that under 550cc won’t give me breasts. So I can put more that 550cc if I wasted to.

After that appointment I was shocked….that I will have something in my body that’s not really mine. It’s FAKE! But I wanted breasts so bad!!!!! So I didn’t know what to do…. I sat in front of my computer again and started to look at videos on YouTube. I watched videos about how girls look and feel after their surgery. And one day I saw a video about “natural breast enhancemen creamt” the first thing that went thru my mind was “yah right…like that’s real!! Ha!!!” But I don’t know why…I was curious to see what it’s all about…it looked interesting! But in my heart I was really really skeptical about it!
So I started googling “natural breast enhancement pills” – I was very very skeptical because I already tried herb pills a few years ago for natural breast enhancement (when I was 19 years old) and I had no success with them. (I must mention that a few years later that company of the pills was on the news because they fooled people, and their pills didn’t work!!!). But I still wanted to see if there was something new.

So I found myself, again, in front of my computer reading all day long (and night!) about how gals really made their breasts grow naturally. I was VERY skeptical! One day, I came across the “Bountiful Breast” website! And I started to read all the information I need to know about the pills. I read the site a few times. I also looked at the testimonial pictures and I saw, for the first time, that these pictures are REAL! (I can see fake boobs from miles and miles) I was so AMAZED by the testimonial pictures that I had to contact Bountiful Breast and ask them a few more questions that I had about the capsules.

So I emailed the company…and they connected me with a woman named Erika. I started sending Erika questions almost every day! Because I am a skeptical woman I didn’t stop asking questions about the product. I was then surprised to find out that Erika was always so nice to me and she answered all my emails (Even if I sent her the most stupid question! She always had patience for me!) I want to thank Erika from my heart! She is one of the BEST customer serves I ever “met”. She is a wonderful person! Thank you for your patience for me and your kindness to always help me know things better!

So After a few emails back and forth, with Erika, I then decided to order the 13.5 month supply of Bountiful Breast! I was so excited that I emailed Erika every day! Asking her when will my pills arrive!
After 4.5 months taking the Bountiful Breast I grew 1.5″! I grew from a 34AA bra to a 34A! I am so happy that I bought the Bountiful Breast! And I am more than happy that my breasts are REAL and not from silicone.
Thank you so much Bountiful Breast!
I want to thank Silvia (a testimonial) for being so nice to me and answering my entire question by email! Thank you dear so much! My adventure with BB’s wouldn’t be the same without you! Thanks!
I hope I will be able to help you like Silva helped me.
Thank you for reading my testimonial! I hope that one day your testimonial will be on the site as well! J
Good Luck to you all!

Elena – Purchased the 4.5 Month and 13.5 Month Supply

Breast enlargement before after photo

Hi, my name is Marie. I’ve had small breasts all my life. The first time I remember it really starting to bother me is around jr. high. With the onset of puberty, I noticed that many of the girls I went to school with were developing breasts, starting to really fill out their clothes. Me, on the other hand, didn’t develop much at all. I thought maybe I was just a late bloomer, so to speak, but as the years went by I realized that I was doomed to have small breasts forever. I purchased my first breast enhancement pills when I was a Sophomore in high school. I saw an ad in a magazine with pictures of beautiful women in bikinis with nice full breasts. The ad guaranteed a full cup size in just a couple of months. The pills were a mixture of various herbs. I took them for weeks on end with no results.

Determined, over the next couple of years I tried a variety of different pills and lotions – all with no success. All the while, I put up with occasional teasing from my best friend (who was a 34 D) about my small breasts. By the time I was a Senior in high school, I decided that breast augmentation surgery was the only way I would be able to ever have any chest at all. I can remember that I couldn’t wait to go to college and get a “real job” so that I’d have enough money to have breast augmentation done.

It doesn’t help that I am pear-shaped (thanks to my mom and grandmother). I’m 5’2″ and around 115 lbs but the majority of my weight is in my lower body. This, coupled with AA breasts, makes me feel so disproportional. I don’t want huge breasts. I would like to have just enough to balance out my lower body. I’d be perfectly happy with a full B or small C cup. Had it not been for my husband, I probably would have already gone under the knife, but he disapproved of unnecessary surgery insisting the risk wasn’t worth it. I felt it was. My husband has always told me that he liked my small breasts, that size didn’t matter to him. But I always felt inadequate. I often have a hard time finding clothes that fit me right. I can’t wear anything that has a low neck because all it does is emphasize the fact that I don’t have breasts. I definitely can’t buy any tops that have a built-in bra because they are always too loose and look stupid. When I buy swimsuits I have to always buy separates because my top is always a size smaller than the bottoms. And, of course, I always have to have a padded bra. Otherwise I feel too masculine in my clothes. Years have gone by since high school, but surgery and the desire to have larger breasts has been a constant in the back of my mind.

I discovered Bountiful Breast in 2008 through one of my many internet searches on surgery-free breast enhancement. By then I was 25 year old, still with an overwhelming desire to have larger breasts. I read some reviews and visited the website. Unlike other breast enhancement websites, BB had real pictures of real people. I noticed that BB ingredients weren’t a bunch of different herbs like so many of the pills I’d tried before. It looked promising. I read many of the testimonials looking at different customers’ results and decided I’d give it a shot. I didn’t have the money at the time to purchase 12 months worth of pills, so I started saving little bits here and there. It took me over a year, but finally by October 2009 I was able to purchase my first set of pills. I was so excited to get started and my expectations were high.
I wanted to be sure to not waste my money, once again, on another pill that didn’t work. I got examined by my ob/gyn for the guarantee (at this time it was a 9 month guarantee), purchased protein shakes, and started taking the pills as recommended.

Before long, a couple of months had gone by and nothing had happened yet. “Be patient”, I’d tell myself. More time went by. I would occasionally measure myself hoping to see the slightest fraction of an inch difference. Nothing. After 4 months with no change I increased my protein shakes to 2 per day. I’m an active person, working out 4-6 days a week and I thought maybe I need the extra protein. With renewed hope, I would get on the computer and read the testimonials again and again with customers experiencing results as quickly as 2 months. But as the weeks crept by I started to get discouraged. Maybe I was one of the few that wouldn’t experience results at all. I didn’t understand. If customers who were genetically men could develop breasts, why not me?

After 7 months, I decided to e-mail a BB representative about the lack of my results. I realize now that I shouldn’t have waited so long, but each month I’d tell myself “It’ll happen next month…” . I corresponded with Erika who gave me a wealth of information as well as encouragement. I took her advice and once again had renewed hope. But before I knew it my pills were almost out. Had it been 9 months already? I wanted to cry. I didn’t want my money back, I wanted breasts! Once again, Erika came to my rescue. With her encouragement and advice, and one more bottle of pills, I continued my journey.

At last, after 11 months I am excited to report that something happened! It’s been almost a whole year since I started taking BB and I can finally say that I’ve changed, ever so slightly. As of right now my results are small – but there. My measurements haven’t increased, but something is happening. My breasts feel and look just a little bit fuller. I look at myself in the mirror and can definitely tell that my breasts have improved in size and shape. I’m can hardly contain my joy. As Erika kept telling me “it takes time to grow breasts”. If it hadn’t been for the support of Erika, I would have given up months ago. I know that there are other women out there like me – don’t give up!! Be sure to eat a healthy, well balanced diet, take your protein shake, and if you get discouraged speak to a BB representative. They are there to help you. I can’t wait to see how much I may grow now that I’ve “started”.

I took all my pictures with sunglasses on. This is because, well for one, I’m a bit shy, and two, my husband didn’t want me to put any pictures on the internet. But I want to share my experience, I feel that it can serve as hope for other women out there who are slower than others to see results.


Natural Breast Enlargement Before After Photos

My whole life, I have known that my breasts were small. I had always worn 34B bras but couldn’t admit to myself that I didn’t actually fit them. I was probably a 34A but I wore the 34B’s because no one could really tell the difference under a shirt. It wasn’t until the last part of high school and into college that I realized just how small I really was. I longed to fill out cute low-cut shirts when going out and looking good in just a bikini without worrying about if there was enough padding in the cups or not. I had many push-up bras but there were only so many kinds of tops I could wear them under. I thought I was cursed to stay this size for the rest of my life until I did some internet searching.

At first, I had Googled ways to “naturally enhance breast size” and found the herb enhancement industry. It seemed unpromising to me because it didn’t seem like it would cause permanent size increase and I worried that it would only last as long as the herbs were in my system. I didn’t want to waste money on something that wouldn’t work, nor did I have the money to do that.

Then I came across Bountiful Breast and the pictures astonished me. Not only could I tell that the before and after pictures were of the same person, it was also very reassuring to me that these people that provided testimonials also left their email addresses for anyone with questions. To me, this was a big sign that this was a product that had actually worked for many people and that they were confident enough in it to allow people to contact them. I’m also in the science field, and was very happy to read that all the stuff about thyroid hormone and the mechanisms involved were true to what I had learned in school.

So, I took the plunge and bought the 3 months package to start out and also the Whey Power Plus shake. Because I am asian, I didn’t expect any changes to occur any time soon, and they didn’t, but I was patient and hopeful. I bought another 4.5 month package and then the 9 month package after that (and the shakes). By the 6th month, I noticed that my breasts were different. They seemed a little bigger and seemed to fit my bras a little more snug than before. It was then that I knew that Bountiful Breast, no matter how long it took, would work for me. I noticed that they started to fill out and when I looked down at them, they were definitely rounder. I continued taking the pills and shakes. It’s been almost a year now since I started the pills, and in the last month, I have seen the most noticeable difference yet!

It’s so great to wear a bikini top and see some sort of cleavage instead of a flat chest! Thank you so much Bountiful Breast, you’ve made something I never thought possible into something to be excited about! I can’t wait to see where I’ll be in a few months!

Michelle Yu – Purchased the 3 Month, 4.5 Month and 9 Month Supply

Bountiful Breast After Photos

I had never heard of natural breast enhancement until I began researching natural ways to help balance hormones. When I found the Bountiful Breast site, I was speechless when I saw the before and after pictures on their website. In fact, I think I pretty much forgot all about the hormone balancing and spent days going over every inch of the site. I was very intrigued by their product and after calling and speaking to a Bountiful Breast rep, I was convinced I wanted to try it. I was really excited about the prospect of breast growth and hormone balance at the same time. I had been a 34 A for so long I would have never dreamed that I could still grow breasts at the age of 37 and the pictures I had seen on Bountiful Breast were telling me it was possible.

I placed my order in July of 09 as a birthday gift to myself and began taking them on the 22nd. At first, I didn’t see any difference, other than some added fullness, but by week 7 of taking them, I had my first growth spurt and ended up with a 3/4’s inch increase! After that, I averaged about 1/2 an inch per month, and it always occurred around the same time of month.

I started out with a measurement of just under 36″ and am currently a 39″ and wearing a 34C. I still can’t believe the change and every time I put on a top and see all the cleavage I’ve gained, I’m so glad I tried it.

After such success with Bountiful Breast, there WAS an added cost that I hadn’t expected and that was all the shopping I had to do to accomodate the drastic changes! New bras, new tops, and new swimsuits … I was in heaven! It was the most fun I’ve ever had shopping! My whole life has been spent buying clothes to hide how flat I was or to give the illusion that I wasn’t. For the first time in my life, I bought things that I liked just because I loved the color, or the style, not because they would be good at hiding my chest. Words can’t say how freeing it’s been to no longer feel so self conscious and I think it shows, and not just in a physical manner either. I just feel so good now, whether it’s a night of dressing up to go out, or a laid back day with a ratty t-shirt and sweats, I like what I see and it makes me very happy. Using Bountiful Breast has definitely been a positive experience for me and I can’t wait to see what’s to come in the future. Thanks Bountiful Breast!

Mel from Missouri – Purchased the 9 Month Supply


Dear Bountiful Breast,

I am writing with some exciting news! I have now been on the Bountiful Breast pills for nearly 6 months, and I have grown a total of 2 inches so far.

I am 37, 5’2″ and weigh 120 pounds. I have had 5 boys and nursed them all, this left my breasts saggy and mushy. I have always had small breasts also and this did not help. I have always been very embarrassed by my small breasts. I have been wearing 34 B push up bras from Victoria’s Secret and they were loose, but I could not accept the fact that I should probably be wearing an 34A bra and at least when I wore them I looked like I had some cleavage.

After taking the Bountiful Breast pills I am fitting into my 34 B’s quite fully. My breasts are firmer, denser and fuller like they were before I breast fed, this in itself is a major accomplishment. My goal is to become a full C and I believe that with the continued use of the Bountiful Breast pills I will reach my goal.

Thanks for such a wonderful product! I never thought I had any hope of having bigger and firmer breasts but now that I have found Bountiful Breast I truly have the hope of reaching my goal! My improved bust line is already a miracle. Thank you for making me feel so much better about myself and giving me the self confidence that I have always lacked.

You can post my testimonial and my email for anyone who may have questions.

Yours truly,


Dear Bountiful Breast,

Just checking in. I am on my 7th week of bb program. After listening to some more testimonies (yours and the woman on the same page) I am noticing about every 10 days or so a tingling and then ‘some’ growth. What is also happening is really realizing how devastating my breasts have been for me… not even really knowing that until now. I feel so ‘womanly’ lately… just feeling the fullness and how incredible it makes me feel is a feeling I cannot explain.

I remember how, in the 5th grade, all my friends were developing and looking so grown up and how I prayed every night that mine would grow.. and never really did. I never realized what an impact they had on me until this ‘feeling’ I am experiencing right now. This may sound crazy, but I feel so empowered about being a woman. I never thought/knew my breasts had so much control over my self image. I am not a bad looking woman and I am pretty athletic for my age, but I thought the only way to get what I wanted was surgery. But ya know, I used to try artificial finger nails (professional ones) and eventually I’d bite them off!! I was so afraid if I got implants that I would eventually want them out because they bugged me. I have always been an ‘organic’ kind of woman, my diet, my supplements etc., and to have artificial ANYTHING was just wrong. But I am telling you… I was to the point that I wanted breasts so bad, by the time I was 50 (2 years from now, but started wanting the surgery after my 10 year marriage broke apart 8 years ago). I didn’t want to leave my youthful years without the experience, but really believed this was it for me…. I would never experience my full potential and I really was refusing to go the plastic way.

All I can say is I am SO grateful that this web site popped out at me and that this company is what it is. I have a long way to go.. but you know what…. I am 7 weeks closer to that goal!!!!!!!!! I am so glad my body is doing this all by itself. No intrusive surgery, anesthetics, dangerous side effects etc.! Just a little time and well spent money for a much better result.

IT’S ALL ME !!!!!!

My sister had the surgery and she has a code inside each breast that is monitored every 6 months. This is her 2nd surgery because her body rejected the first set. Now she’s got the toxic ones if they should break open. She lost Kaiser insurance…she is uninsurable due to her breasts now and she is 55 years old. Not a good thing!. IT’S NOT WORTH IT!!! I love my sister very much and was very jealous that she had hers put in. But now I am thankful for this natural way and it’s my own body producing the effects! As I said before, I plan on results taking up to (or more if needed) 18 months. Anyway… hanging in there and getting results slowly BUT surely!




My name is Michelle. I started BB about 8 weeks ago. I have to thank Jules for all the support that i have got from her through these trail and Questions stages. I was very lucky that a friend of mine told me about BB as i had an appointment in Dec’05 to get a breast consultation for surgery. Now i don’t have to go through all the painfull recovery. I have lost 35 lbs over this past year and along with that your breast seem to go as well, so when i started BB i was a 34 B and within 8 weeks i have gained 3 inchs and i am now into a 36 C. I am hoping to be a full D when i am done my program. Good luck to everyone out there. It really does work.

Thanks a bunch,



Hello Everyone:

I have always wanted larger breasts.

To be honest, I have never liked the look of breast-implants. I am sure they don’t feel natural and as far as I am concerned they look fake.

I did some research on the Internet about natural breast enlargement. Every website I came across on natural breast enlargement seemed shady to me, until I found Bountiful Breast. I was so impressed by all the before and after pictures up on the website that I knew right away that this would be the product for me. When I started on the BB pill I wasn’t sure what to expect. To my astonishment, in only 1 week, my AA cup breasts are beginning to look fuller and I can actually start to feel some growth. It’s been 8 weeks now, and I honestly can’t believe it, my aa cup is now a full A-cup!

I can’t tell you how excited I am about going further with my development. I know soon I will be a full B cup or even a C cup!

The Bountiful Breast® is one of the best things that have ever happened to me.

Thanks a million Bountiful Breast!

Sincerely Lisette Anderson


Thank you so much for these pills! I was a small 32C but always wanted to be bigger and I always felt that I could be bigger because the women in my family were VERY busty. And by busty, I mean 32D – 36DDD….lol. So I wanted a piece of the action. After trying other natural pills, I would lose the results if I stopped taking them for more about a month. I WAS NOT HAPPY!! And my pants were tighter so I had weight gain throughout my body. Who needs that?!!?

Finally, I saw BB’s ad and decided to give it a try. And why not? There is a money back guarantee. After about 2 weeks, I was so sore and achy in my breasts that sleeping on my stomach or hugging my husband tightly was not an option. And after about 3 weeks, the 32C were still wearable… my breasts had just gotten rounder and fuller.

After 2 1/2 months, forget about it!!! LOL. I was a 34C!! And even in some of those are getting tight depending o make of the bras. My goal at the end of 6-9 months is to be a 34D or bigger.. and I know that I can do that with BB. I will send you more pics when that I get to that size. The pics you are looking at are “before” and “during”.

Also remember, if you are small with a fast metabolism and fitness-oriented, you HAVE to take the amino acids. They are crucial. So for the next 6-9 months I will be taking the amino acids, along with royal jelly and black cohash. Also make sure you get quality vitamins/supplements. If you want, I can give you the company information where I get my vitamins/supplements.

Wish me luck and I wish the best of luck to all of you! And thank you to Jules. She is wonderful and incredibly helpful.



Dear Avalon and Friends,

I just wanted to say thank you for all that you have done for me. I feel like a million dollars! I am more confident and love the way I look and feel. God bless! I wasn’t sure which pictures you could use so I sent several. As you can see my husband was a little picture happy! Thanks a bunch!!!

Cecily Henderson,
Dover Delaware


Dear Bountiful Breast,

My name is Charlene Coons, and I have always had a problem with the size of my breast, I started as a 32A. I decided to search the web for a solution and came across Bountiful Breast. I decided to give Bountiful Breast® a try. By following the program, and not exceeding the recommended dosage and taking the protein shake, within four months my fiance and I noticed a difference. Now after one year I can say that I am a proud 34C.

Thank you Bountiful Breast® and thank you Jules for all your help!



Dear Avalon Essentials,

I’m from Hawaii. I have 2 different Asian nationalities, Filipino, Japanese and Brazilian. Originally, before I became pregnant, I started out as a 34 B. During my pregnancy, my breasts increased to a C cup. My breasts shrunk to a flattened A cup after breast feeding. All the roundness and fullness was gone; I was disappointed big time!

Because I’m a skeptic, I wouldn’t believe a word about pills increasing your size permanently. To me, it was a waste of money. It just so happens that I lost contact with my friend for 3-4 years before I even knew she was taking pills from Bountiful Breast. I was able to contact her through a friend. I went to see her. I was in awe! Her breasts were fuller and bigger from the last time I saw her (which was a few years ago). That’s when I found out about Bountiful Breast.

She was my proof/evidence that this particular company called Bountiful Breast® really does “wonders” for women’s breasts. At that moment, I wanted to get whatever she was on! I took my pills everyday. I had a shake everyday. Since you need to take 50 to 53 grams of whey protein isolate, I split my shake and took it twice a day rather than taking it once a day. I spoke with a nutritionist and he said your body is built to take a certain amount of protein. An individual’s body can only absorb 25 grams of protein at one time. So he advised me that I should split my shake in two.

The first shake I used is called Pure Pro. It’s a ready made shake in a can made from 100% whey protein isolate. There are no sugar and fat content at all. On the third day of being on the program, I actually started feeling a pulling/stretchy feeling in my breasts and some tenderness. I had to call Bountiful Breast® and ask if this is what I’m supposed to be feeling. It’s been too long since I have been back to puberty in order for me to remember how breast pain is supposed to feel.

The woman that was helping me (I still keep in contact with her from this very day) said it’s normal to feel that sensation. She was just as surprised as I was because of the fact that my body reacted rather quickly. From there on, I have experimented with other brands of protein drinks including powdered ones. After a month without taking the pills and shakes, my breasts never shrunk in size. This is a very good sign! It took me around 4-5 months to get to a B cup. It probably would have taken me 3 months to get to a B cup if I haven’t decided to stop taking it for a month to test this product. My husband noticed the difference too (he had no idea I was taking Bountiful Breast® at that time). My goal is to become a cup size D or even a DD.

There are times when I would stop taking the pills and shakes when I had a cold or the flu. My breasts still never shrunk. I tried Optimum Nutrition in the powder form. This particular one, I drank with whole milk since I wanted a little more protein with the powder.

The last one I tried is called Power Whey Stack that is a time released protein. I took this one with milk too. Out of all these that I have used (which are all good), I prefer the ready made shake called Pure Pro. I find my body absorbs it faster and I get a better reaction that let’s me know my breasts are growing. This is amazing! Just fabulous!

All the women who work at Bountiful Breast® have been very helpful and supportive of me. I call them whenever I have a question.


Hawaii, USA


Dear Bountiful Breast,

Hi, I finally got my digital camera working!!

So I shot a couple of “after” pics, I have grown to a small C cup but would still like to reach a full C! I also included an old “before” pic but it is actually closer to a “during” pic (about three months after RE-starting Bountiful Breast) because I don’t have one taken earlier in just a bra. There is only one “before” pic and several “after” pics from which you can choose! I really, really didn’t want to include my face but I’m pretty sure you can tell it’s me! (half my face is visible)

Here is an updated testimonal:

It’s been a while since I last wrote a testimonial and a lot has changed since then. Although I still remain a small C cup (I am aiming for a full C) it is for many reasons. First of all I lost a bit of weight and therefore lost a bit off my chest as well. So I started Bountiful Breast® again and have managed to go back to my C cup size but the rest of my body is much smaller which is great because now I look in proportion. Before I had always felt that my hips out-balanced my chest. Now I finally feel like I’m in proportion.

My “before” photograph was taken when I lost the weight and my breasts “deflated”. It was really disappointing but I found out from a doctor that my hormones were also out of balance. I had a lot of estrogen, too much actually. I feel I may have achieved my previous growth both from Bountiful Breast® AND weight gain. This time I have not gained any weight at all (I have lost some) and I still have breasts as well thanks to Bountiful Breast! I am very happy. I am complimented on my body all the time and it really does make me feel good about myself.

Something I learned was that hormone balance is VITAL to success with Bountiful Breast. I never realized why my growth was so slow before but since the doctor told me that my hormones were out of balance and helped me to fix that Bountiful Breast® immediately worked (when I started taking it again after losing weight) and it worked much better than the first time! I learned from many other women for whom Bountiful Breast® was not working very well that they had all sorts of hormone problems. I just wanted to share that with people because without that knowledge Bountiful Breast® may not have worked for me very well. The protein shakes are very, very important. I can’t tell you enough how important the shakes are. I used to think that I didn’t need the shakes so I didn’t take them, but Elizabeth at Bountiful Breast® said they were necessary for growth. So when I started being diligent and taking the protein shake every day it started to work better for me. I noticed it almost straight away, my breasts felt as though they were heated.

Well that’s my story and I just thought I should mention those other things so that ladies who are interested in trying Bountiful Breast® can make an educated choice!



Hi to everyone at Avalon Essentials,

I just had to write and tell you all about my excellent results. I started using BB in the fall and took the pills for about 3 months, in this time I saw no growth or fullness whatsoever. Feeling disappointed, I rang BB and spoke to Jules, she was so very helpful and advised me to take some extra supplements to get me growing. I added the additional supplements my body needed to my plan and within a short time I started to notice tingles in my breasts. This was a good sign I thought.

I have been on this combination of pills and BB for 6 months and have filled out quite a lot. I have gained a little over 2 inches- yay!!!! & I am overflowing with cleavage! I made sure I took my before and after photos in the same bra, so I can really see the growth. I’m so happy I asked for help and didn’t just give up. Attached are my photos for your website. Thank you again to all at BB and especially Jules.

Best wishes,



Dear Avalon Essentials,

I just want to say thank you. Before I got pregnant with my son, I was a large A cup, and during pregnancy, I grew to a small C cup. However, after breast feeding, I shrunk back down to a flattened A/B cup. And, now not only were my breast small again, they were also saggy from breast feeding. I was very self conscious, and I wanted to find something that would make them more shapely.

I tried just about everything on the market and ended up with no results. I had just about given up, when I found Bountiful Breast® on the internet. I was very reluctant to try anything else, but I gave it one more try. I have been on the program for six months now. I started off with barely a B cup in August. Now, it’s February, and I’m a full C cup. My breast are fuller, firmer, and much more shapely now. My husband has started making comments. It’s wonderful to feel attractive again!

Also, I want to say thanks so much to Jules and Elizabeth at customer service. They have been so kind and helpful. Not only do you have an incredible product, but you also have a really great staff that made me feel so welcome. Thanks for making me part of the Bountiful Breast® family.


Amber Salizar

P.S. I left out my face in the pictures at my husband’s discretion.


Dear Bountiful Breast,

My name is Michelle Choi and I started taking Bountiful Breast pills Jan. 3rd 2006, so it’s been 4 months so far for me. My first month of taking the pills I grew 1/2 inch, February I didn’t grow at all, but mid-March I grew 1 inch. By the end of March I had grown another 1/2 inch. Total so far that I’ve grown is 2 1/2 inches. I should also mention that I have firmed up a great deal also. I can’t believe that there is actually a product out there that works. I researched several other sites before ordering BB, the other sites were not convincing enough for me with their fake looking pictures or who even knows if their testimonials are real. If you go and read on some of the breast enhancement forums you will see that the other products out there do not work according to other ladies that have tried certain products. Once I came upon BB’s site I was so happy to see real before/after and during photos, not to mention the fact that some ladies had their email address posted to ask them questions and the fact that you do not have to keep taking BB once you have achieved your goal and you keep your results once discontinuing the product.

I need to explain that I was first just looking for breast pills just to firm up, because I did not believe that there was actually a miracle pill that could increase your breast size. Because I thought if that were possible there would be a lot less women getting implants. Boy was I wrong. Hopefully women will research for a product first and come across BB’s site. When I was 19 I was in a very bad controlling, abusive relationship and my boyfriend at the time convinced me that I needed breast implants, I was very flat chested, so I got them to please him. I had them in for 13 years. I hated them once I got a little older, I didn’t like the feel of them nor did I like the inflated balloon look they had. I have been married for 8 years and did not even like my husband touching them, because I knew he was touching something that was ‘fake’ and was not all ‘me’. I finally was able financially to have them taken out for ‘me’ not for some man this time. This past December 2005 I had them taken out, which is why I was researching for something to firm my breasts up because I thought for sure the skin would be stretched from the implants. When I came across BB’s site, I thought it was wonderful that maybe I could grow bigger and be all ‘natural’, because I do miss the size that I had for 13 years, just not the look and feel of them, plus the fact that they looked fake and I knew people could look at me at first glance and know that they were fake and how could I be proud of that.

I thought that I was a 32B before BB, but later found out that I figured my measurements wrong and was actually a 32AA, which explains why my 32B’s were loose on me. But now after growing 2 1/2 inches so far, I am ‘officially’ a 32 B and my bras are very snug and I’m almost falling out. My before and during picture is taken in the same bra so you can really tell a difference. I plan to try to reach a small D, which is what i was with the implants. I feel so much better knowing that they are all ‘me’ now and I love the look of natural breasts so much better. I no longer have ‘breast envy’ of women who are naturally endowed. I can’t tell you how happy I am knowing there is a product like this out there that can also help other women to boost their self-confidence and feel more like a woman without going through surgery and the health risks involved with implants, not to mention the inflated-balloon look and cost of them. I also had aches and pains a lot all over my body whenever I had the implants, but now I don’t, so I’m sure the implants were causing that.

So my before picture is 32AA and during is 32B and I didn’t show my face per my husband’s request.

Thank you Bountiful Breast for making a wonderful product and giving hope to women. Thank you again Jules for all your help and answering all my questions. Take care.

Michelle C.


All The Girls At Bountiful Breast,

Just wanted to send you an updated ‘during photo’. I’ve grown 1 inch in the past 2 months since the last time I sent you my testimonial/pics. (back in May). Total so far that I’ve grown in 6 months is 3 1/2 inches now. I can probably fit into a 32C now, but just haven’t went and tried one yet. I need to cause my 32B’s are tight on me now. I’m not complaining though, that’s definitely a good thing. Take care and thanks again for everything.

Michelle C.
Purchased 13.5 Month Supply

Dear Bountiful Breast,

I wanted to give my testimony of this awesome product. I am 44 years old, have 5 children, and had nursed all of them with milk in my breasts for over 10 years. I had lovely breasts 34b till I was finished with the breastfeeding 10 years ago. my boobs looked like deflated balloons, around a full 34 A. about almost one year ago I took the pills for 3 straight months with the shakes and within the first few days felt the tingling and pulling sensations. after two months I was fuller and felt wonderful as well, seeing that my periods were light and comfortable due to the BB pills. no additional weight gain either.

I discontinued till 2 months ago when finances increased. not only finances but my breasts really took on an increase as well in growth. I am now after 2 months more of pill popping a 34 full C cup. my daughters noticed immediately!! they want to take the “boob pills” too….I feel totally comfortable and will encourage my daughters to take them as well. I will take the pills till I stop feeling the tingling or reach a D or DD. I have lost some weight as well but never lost it in my boobs and they are continuing to grow. It takes time, takes protein, takes Patience and some $ .. but well worth it. I am even considering after full growth taking one pill a day for my cycles and the great feeling it gives me and of course with my age and all the firmness will stay till I am old and gray.

I also recommend push ups to firm up chest wall for a youthful high breast. I also recommend all those on the BB pills to research on line under “glandular therapy:/ like cures like, it will give a terrific understanding and good explanation to loved ones or suspicious ones…. I love this product and recommend it to all women all ages. Jules is lovely as well. please email me with questions I am always on line checking mail and would love to answer any questions. Ps I am also a grandma to a 2 years old, and get lots of compliments in a bathing suit… thanks to Boutiful Breast pills and support. the two pics are ( in purple, push up suit top at 2 months of taking BB pills, and the other photo in green top or blue suit whichever they pick is at 5 months.) will send another in a few more months.

Jodi in Missouri
Purchased 4.5 Month + 4.5 Month + 1.5 Month Supply

Subject: Finally told the husband

Well Jules, it is Tracy here. I have grown 1 and 1 half inches, my breasts are filling out and are feeling heavy once again, they usually do when I gain weight, my scale was not working and I was starting to think that I had just gained the weight back, so I tried on a pair of jeans that I know don’t fit me when I am heavier and what do you know they fit great and were a little big in the waist, so there you have it my breasts are heavy and filling and the pants are NOT tight.

I told my husband this morning, as I do believe he found my pills anyway, and I told him that you said to send before and after shots, I am not too sure what he thought of that. I told him that I want to be two sizes bigger than when I started and that I am not stopping these pills until then. He seemed fine with that.

All I have to say is that I am so glad to have found Bountiful Breast® and you as well Jules, thank-you for the support that I have received and thank-you in advance for everything you say and do for me. Well it is also nice to have another Canadian to share this experience with. Is there a current website to go too with new testimonials that are more updated, and some more from Canada as well? If there are could you send the addresses or let me know how to get to them?

Thanks Jules,


Dear Bountiful Breast:

I am writing to you with excitement because of the results I have had so far with your product. I have to admit I was a bit skeptical when I fist started. I had tried another product several years ago with no results.

I started taking Bountiful Breast® in the beginning of May and started seeing results by the middle of June. I was a 34 nearly B and I am now a 36B. I have been taking two pills per three day. I also drink a Whey Power Plus shake twice each day.

I nursed two children and lost much of my breast, especially the fullness. I am really excited because I am keeping my weight about the same but my breast are getting bigger. It feels really good. Jules has been always very helpful in answering questions.

Thanks so much for the wonderful product. Debbie Z., Midland, Michigan. 48642

Dear Bountiful Breast;


I Love your product. I have been using the pills for three months and have grown a full three inches. I have gone from barely a 34B cup to a full 36C. My goal is to be a 38DD. After giving birth and nursing three beautiful children my breasts were deflated. I used to be a firm B cup before having children.

My husband loves large breasts. And I was very close to having breast augmentation surgery. I had consultations with surgeons and did not like what they had to report. Because my breasts had dropped, there were no longer firm, I would require additional surgery to reposition the nipple. I was not about to go through with this procedure. I told my husband he would just have to live with small breasts.

Then I read about Bountiful Breast in a magazine. I had tried other supplements and always gained weight, so I was skeptical. As a Christmas present to my husband, I ordered one bottle to give it a try. Wow it has worked beautifully. My breasts started to respond immediately. I felt a tingling sensation much like I recall from my teenage years. My breasts were very tender to the touch for just a couple of days. The tingling still comes and goes. I use the Protein Powder and Evening Primrose Oil, too. I found them at my health food store that fits the recommendations of Bountiful Breast. I have not gained any weight while taking the BB pills. This was very important to me, because I just worked very hard to lose 40 pounds last year.

My breasts are also firm again! I am 42 years old and thought it was too late to regain the softness and firmness I had in my twenties. And my husband is extremely pleased with the results. I am telling all my friends about this wonderful product.

Thank you,

Dear Bountiful Breast,

I have always been self-conscious about my small breast size. I dealt with it by simply wearing looser shirts. But my frustration grew as I noticed that even my 12 and 13 year old students were more endowed than I was! So about 2 years ago, I decided to start taking breast-enhancing herbs such as Maca, funugreek and fennel in hopes of increasing my breast size. However, in order to take these herbs, I had to give up chocolate, coffee and all carbonated drinks, including beer. It was an awful diet and needless to say, the herbs didn’t work.

Frustrated, I surfed the Internet and discovered the Bountiful Breast® website. I was hesitant, but ordered a 3- month supply to start with. Amazingly, within 3 weeks, I felt that my breast were fuller and slightly tender (as they often feel the week before my period). By week 6, I had grown from 36 inches to 37 inches and, my B cup bras finally fit perfectly. When it was time to reorder my next 3-month supply of pills, I talked to Jules, a BB sales representative. The results I had this summer were wonderful! I was able to wear bikini tops with out push up pads because I finally had some cleavage to show off. By the 4 month of the program, I discovered while bra shopping, that I finally fit into most C cup bras. It was the first time I had fun buying bras! School is back in session and my friends at work who haven’t seen me over the summer definitely have noticed a difference in how my clothes fit now. I was even accused of “padding”, which I happily denied.

I am so happy with Bountiful Breast. And my husband, who initially did not want me to purchase the supplement, is extremely excited and is no longer a “doubting Thomas”. In fact, he loves my results so much that he is encouraging me to continue taking BB for another 6 months. My goal is to grow to be a very full C, and I have no doubt that I will continue to grow.

Thanks to Bountiful Breast, I feel much more feminine and confident in my body image. Be patient, following the program correctly you can achieve the results you always wanted!!

Angela G.
Hartand, WI

Dear Avalon Essentials,

This is my Testimonial about my results from using Bountiful Breast When I first looked at the website, I had a few doubts, after all, I had used Bloussant and had no results at all. I had begun to take estrogen prescribed by my doctor, but with little success. So I decided to call the number provided in the website for Bountiful Breast.

I was introduced for the first time to the wonderful, and caring Jules, who told me everything she knew about the product, and I felt comfortable telling her about my history and goals, so, I decided to order a three month supply.

And I am in complete amazement, with that three month supply I have increased my bust by 2 1/4 inches, my physician has been monitoring, and she says that if these results continue, she will also give her testimonial for this product!

I can only begin to tell how this is helping me, it is a dark secret for some, but a dream come true to me! I have told all my friends, and many are interested in trying this product as well, Thanks so much, and I will be keeping you updated.



Dear Avalon Essentials,

I just wanted to drop you a note on how much I have enjoyed the results of your product. In just over 9 months I have gone from a relatively flat 36A to a full 36C!

Let me begin by saying I am not sure where I fit in with your testimonial group. I am a 33 year old post operative transsexual, BUT I am also one of about 50 who have had an experimental ovarian and uterine transplant as well.

So I am functionally a woman now in every sense of the word. Therefore, I do feel I fit in with the female testimonials.

Anyway, after years of synthetic hormones, and numerous surgeries to finally get to the gender I have always felt I was born, and now making my own female hormones from the transplants. I was not ready to have more surgery by having implants placed. In addition to not looking natural, the risks just seemed to outweigh the benefits of implants, but I was still 5’8″ and a flat 36A. While happy just to have some breast growth, I was just like any other woman and wanted more cleavage than just a padded or push-up bra provides.

Therefore, I looked at many different web sites on various breast enhancement products. After looking at the Bountiful Breast® site, and e-mailing some prior users taking Bountiful Breast, and reviewing the ingredients with my GYN, I decided that Bountiful Breast® would offer the best hope of any breast enhancement pill.

As I said, I am amazed by the results. Typically the skeptic, I had my doubts as to if it would work. I started to take Bountiful Breast® and for the first 6 weeks or so I thought my skepticism was right. All I noticed was some tingling in the nipple region but nothing in the way of growth. I spoke with Grace and Elizabeth who both reassured me to continue and not be discouraged. I stuck with the program and after about the 2 month mark just started to bloom! In addition to actual breast growth, my nipples have grown both in size and sensitivity. As most transsexuals know we do not often get large nipple growth from the synthetic estrogens we take when first starting transition. So this was a wonderful effect from taking Bountiful Breast. By the time I ended the 3rd month on the program I was filling out a slightly padded 36B, and as I said by the 9th month I was a FULL 36C!

I enjoyed my growth so much I went on a binge at Victoria’s Secret. My boyfriend, who is now my husband, has also enjoyed the results of your fine product.

I have also noticed, and not sure if it is a benefit or my body just getting used to my new organs, but my periods do seem lighter and less painful as well.

I had planned on sending photos but my computer crashed just prior to writing this, and I lost all my scanned pictures, but as soon as my scanner is running I will get them too you.

Again, thank you so much for your product

Cheryl Norvanski

My name is Amelia, I am 24 years old. I have always been an A cup since I was a teenager, I just didn’t get blessed with fuller boobs. I would never consider surgery due to the risks and side effects and I don’t like the way implants look but I did wish I had naturally larger breasts. I heard about Bountiful Breast and thought it would be worth a try since so many other women seemed to have good results.
I ordered the Bountiful Breast pills and cream one year ago. I used the Bountiful Breast cream twice a day as directed and took three pills per day. As you can see following the regimen has paid off and I now have a full, round C cup. Prior to using Bountiful Breast, my boobs were small and I didn’t have much fullness. Three cheers to Jules and Laurie for all their help in answering all my questions. 
I am super happy I found these products and I highly recommend them, this is so much better than having two balls of silicone and needing replacement surgeries every ten years. I love my new breast size and having naturally larger breasts.
You can use my photos, just please blur my face. I am wearing the same top and jewelry in both photos. 
Best regards,

Before using bountiful breast pills and cream


After using bountiful breast pills and cream

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