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What is Bountiful Breast®?

Bountiful Breast® is an all natural, non-herbal, pill which stimulates the pituitary gland, a major hormone regulator, causing the reactivation your body’s own growth hormones and stimulating new breast growth. Essentially a form of “Glandular Therapy”, derived from beef cattle. It was learned in the 1930’s that the organs could be rejuvenated or healed using special frozen cell extracts. State of art technology can isolate the specific proteins and peptides to make a Frozen Cell Extract. This technology is used to enable your body to create and release its own growth hormones. This is a system of “like cures like” and is the guiding principle of homeopathy and a tenet of the glandular therapy we use in Bountiful Breast®. Bountiful Breast® is a proprietary blend and contains extracts of nutrients, peptides and biochemicals that stimulate the reproduction of hormones.

How long has Bountiful Breast® been sold?

Bountiful Breast® is the Original, natural breast enlargement pill, and has been sold worldwide, since June, 1996. Bountiful Breast® was originally developed and used for teenage girls who were in puberty and not developing their breasts or menstruating properly for their age. The sale of Bountiful Breast® for adult women was an afterthought, after it was discovered the pills did work on older women.

What is different about Bountiful Breast® ingredients compared to other breast pills?

Bountiful Breast® pills contain a proprietary blend of ingredients that are homeopathic. We also laser encode our raw materials to act in a specific manner, this is not something we have ever explained to a customer as it is just too complicated to explain as it is written in special scientific coding. It involves quantum entanglement and is potenized in such a unique way. We are the originators of the breast enlargement pill. Bountiful Breast®is not a herbal breast pill. Note: Bountiful Breast® is not vegetarian.

What should my body temperature be for Bountiful Breast® to work effectively?

In order for the Bountiful Breast® pills to work effectively your body temperature should be between 98.2 and 98.6. When your temperature is below this parameter the liver does not manufacture enough of the enzymes that convert T4 to T3. The T4 and T3 hormones, regulate your metabolic processes and also affects the Thyro-Pituitary-Ovarian access, endocrine imbalances affect the ability of your body to do its own job. Your body is complex and fluctuation in temperature affects your body’s hormonal levels. Bountiful Breast® is a patent pending formula which does contain some of the ingredients your body needs to manufacture the required enzymes.

Is breast enlargement using Bountiful Breast® permanent?

Yes, the increase in breast size is as naturally permanent as the breasts your body created during puberty.
We recommend a three month supply or more, depending on what size you start at and what size you want to become. We also advise consuming 30-50 grams of protein per day in shake form. A good whey protein isolate such as Whey Power Plus, protein powder. Whey Power Plus comes in vanilla, strawberry and chocolate flavors, and is low in calories, carbs and has no fat.

Do you have breast augmentation testimonials?

Yes, since its release we have had many clients reorder, refer friends, and give verbal and written testimonials, with their photographs. Please view some of the letters of thanks that we have received on our testimonials page. Some of our customers have volunteered to answer email, please be courteous!

What can I expect to see or feel when taking breast enhancers?

Some women may experience tingling sensations, feelings of fullness, itchiness as the skin in the breast area expands as it did when they were teenagers.

How long will it take before I notice an increase in my breast size?

Many customers use the Bountiful Breast® natural breast enlargement system for six months to a year, to increase three to four cup sizes over time. Results vary from woman to woman. On average, our breast enhancement clients see results beginning in the fourth week of directed use. Breast augmentation will occur gradually over time so that many clients have used Bountiful Breast® enhancers for a year or more to increase breast size by 3 or 4 cup sizes permanently, with no maintenance required!

Where is Bountiful Breast® made?

Bountiful Breast® is made in the U.S.A. from clean and safe Argentinian glandulars, in an FDA approved laboratory, and is FDA allowed. Bountiful Breast® adheres to all FDA standards and DSHEA labeling laws as set forth in the United States. For more information about FDA guidelines click here to read the FDA Guide To Dietary Supplements. Using Argentinian sourced ingredients and manufacturing Bountiful Breast® in the USA ensures Bountiful Breast® is safe; our ingredients are inspected by the USDA, microbiologists and chemists.

Does Bountiful Breast® work if I already have breast implants?

Yes, Bountiful Breast® works perfectly well on women who have implants. Implants do not interfere with the process. Many of our customers have implants and use Bountiful Breast® to add a natural softness and covering over their implants.

There are so many breast pills on the market, how do I know which one I should use?

Look for a professional company. Study the science of what breasts are and how they are made. If you can’t determine this ask your doctor or a nurse. Then compare what the companies are claiming.
Beware of false photos with the faces removed. Several companies are using before and after breast implant photos taken from plastic surgeons websites of bare-breasted women from the neck down; these are not real customers. Beware of websites claiming they have “clincial studies” showing their breast pills work, but do not have any information on what university or physicians did the alleged study.
Beware of companies who spend so much of their time worrying about their competition that they dedicate web pages to slandering other breast pill companies.
Beware of companies who claim they can grow new breast tissues, or create mammogenesis (growing mammary glands) there is no such thing.

Other breast pill companies do not allow caffeine and alcohol, does that mean I must avoid these while using Bountiful Breast®?

No, you can consume as much caffeine and alcohol as you choose while using Bountiful Breast®. Caffeine and alcohol are diuretics, and cause your body to NOT retain water weight. Water retention has nothing to do with the function of Bountiful Breast®.

Can I use Bountiful Breast® with a weight loss or exercise program?

Yes, you can use Bountiful Breast® in conjunction with dieting and exercise. The natural progesterone in Bountiful Breast® helps your body metabolize fat from your body, while your body is storing fat in your breasts in response to your hormones. We have had customers for instance lose 20 pounds while gaining one cup size over a 5 month period. Bountiful Breast® will also help prevent breast shrinkage while you are dieting, so your breasts retain their size or increase while the rest of your body loses weight.

What can Bountiful Breast® do for post pregnancy breasts?

Many women experience shrinking and flattening of their breasts after having children. The breast is comprised of connective tissue which holds the fatty breast tissue in a circular shape, giving a round appearance characteristic of the female breast. When women lose a lot of weight, have children and/or breast feed, the upper portion of the breast usually flattens and cleavage diminishes as fatty deposits shrink. Taking Bountiful Breast® will cause your body to release hormones responsible for your body storing fat in your breasts as it did during puberty. The connective tissues in your breasts refill with fatty deposits resulting in the roundness and firmness being restored, this will happen before size increase.

Who can use Bountiful Breast®?

Anyone who has had their menstrual period for a couple of years to post menopausal women can use Bountiful Breast®. Bountiful Breast® can even be used by teenage girls. Bountiful Breast® is very effective for teenage girls once their bodies have ceased growing breasts naturally.
Note: Taking Bountiful Breast® natural breast enlargement pills prior to teen breast growth cessation cannot speed up or increase growth because the body is already doing it’s own job. Bountiful Breast® is not a magical breast growing pill it merely turns your hormones back on which are responsible for breast size increase.

Can anyone grow new breast tissue?

No, there is no such thing as growing “breast tissue” all women have the same amount of mammary glands and connective tissue. All breast size is caused by the body releasing its own hormones which in turn stores fat in the breast’s connective tissues.

Do your breast enhancers work on everyone?

Bountiful Breast® has a high success rate and thousands of women are using Bountiful Breast® at any given time. In a thirty day time frame we have only one or two women per week say, “Bountiful Breast® has not worked yet.” Breast augmentation for some women occurs immediately while others take a longer time to see results, and still others may not grow at all. Breast enlargement results from Bountiful Breast® average approximately one cup size in three months. As we have seen, breast development is different for everyone, because Thyroid hormones, stress hormones, insulin, growth hormone, body fat percentages and sex hormones differ from person to person as well as their general state of health. Breast augmentation results will also vary from one individual to another. Bountiful Breast® works with your own body, there is no magical breast growing pill or ingredient, this is why your diet is important when using Bountiful Breast®. Bountiful Breast® cannot “grow breasts” only your own body’s hormones can ultimately cause your breasts to become larger naturally through additional fat deposits as they did during puberty.
By following directions and eating an adequate, healthy diet containing enough fat and protein, the greater your chances for significant increases in breast size. If your body style is endomorphic, that is, if you are tall, thin and have low body fat, breast enlargement and enhancement will probably take longer. Due to genetic differences, for example, breast augmentation and enlargement in Asian women may take longer on average while women of African descent may see the most dramatic results from this breast augmentation method. We have reports from our Asian customers that they are growing 2-3 centimeters every three months.

Why do some women have small breasts while other women have larger breasts?

Thyroid hormones, stress hormones, insulin, growth hormones, and sex hormones all play a part in mammogenesis. During puberty your body releases a hormone which causes fat to accumulate in the breasts. Androgens such as testosterone can inhibit breast adiposity. Lower levels of Androgens and higher body fat percentage contribute to having larger breasts. Some women have this hormone for a short period of time, others may not make enough of this hormone or be sensitive enough to it, still others may be so thin they have no body fat for their breasts to store. Since breast functioning has nothing to do with breast size, breast development in different women varies considerably.

Will breast enhancers interfere with birth control pills or Depo Provera shots?

No. Bountiful Breast® will not interfere or affect birth control pills. Please refer to your physician if you have any questions.

Is breast augmentation maintenance required?

No. Once you achieve your desired breast size simply stop taking the product. It’s that simple!

What else is Bountiful Breast® useful for?

Natural progesterone is not known to have any side effects; nor have any toxic levels been found to date. Natural progesterone increases libido, prevents cancer of the womb, protects against fibrocystic breast disease, helps protect against breast cancer, maintains the uterus lining, hydrates and oxygenates the skin, reverses facial hair growth and hair thinning, acts as a natural diuretic, helps eliminate depression and increase a sense of well being, encourages fat burning and the use of stored energy, normalizes blood clotting, and is a precursor to other important stress and sex hormones. Even the two most prevalent menopausal symptoms – hot flushes and vaginal dryness – quickly disappear with applications of natural progesterone.
(Source: Hormone Heresy by Sherrill Sellman)

Are your breast augmentation capsules healthy?

Our breast enlargement capsules are a completely safe, natural, progesterone-based glandular product.
Progesterone is a primary precursor in the biosynthesis of the adrenal corticosteroids. Without adequate progesterone, synthesis of the cortisones is impaired and the body turns to alternate pathways. These alternate pathways have masculine-producing side effects such as long facial hairs and thinning of scalp hair. Further impaired corticosteroid production can result in a diminished capacity to handle physical or emotional stress.
Estrogen-based breast augmentation products may cause a temporary enhancement as many women have discovered when using birth control pills. A permanent increase in breast size is possible ONLY through increasing the amount of fat you store in your breasts!
Menopausal or post-menopausal women with clinical signs of hypothyroidism, such as fatigue, lack of energy, intolerance to cold, are actually suffering from estrogen dominance and will benefit from supplementation with natural progesterone.
Estrogen and most of the synthetic progestins increase intracellular sodium and water uptake which can cause hypertension. Natural progesterone is a diuretic and prevents the cell’s uptake of sodium and water, thus preventing hypertension.
Whereas estrogen impairs homeostatic control of glucose levels, natural progesterone stabilizes them. Thus, natural progesterone can be beneficial to both those with diabetes and those with reactive hypoglycemia.
Thinning and wrinkled skin is a sign of lack of hydration in the skin. Common in menopausal and post-menopausal women, it is a sign of hormone depletion.
Progesterone serves a role in keeping brain cells healthy and is essential for the healthy development of the myelin sheath which protects nerve cells.
Progesterone creates and promotes an enhanced sense of emotional well being and psychological self-sufficiency.
Progesterone is responsible for increasing sex drive and enhancing the libido.
(Source: John R. Lee, M.D., Slowing the Aging Process with Natural Progesterone, BLL Publishing, CA, USA, 1994, p. 14)

How do breasts grow (Anatomy of the Breast)?

(Excerpts from “Breast Health”, by: Dr. Miriam Stoppard, 1998)
The breasts sit outside the rib cage and pectoral muscles, and are cushioned by a layer of fat. This surrounds their working parts – the glandular tissue that contains the lobes and ducts. It’s the fat that determines the size and shape of the breasts. The pectoral muscles, when well developed, also marginally influence breast size.
Elements Of Breast Anatomy
“Breasts have two main components: the glandular elements comprising the lobes and ducts, and the connective tissue that forms the supporting structure. Both of these elements are literally floating in fat, which at body temperature is liquid and accounts for most of breast volume.”
Breast Development
“The first external signs of breast development appear at the age of 10 or 11, although they can occur as late as 14. The ovaries start to secrete estrogen, leading to an accumulation of fat in the connective tissue that causes the breasts to enlarge.”
(Source: Dr. Miriam Stoppard, available in her book, “Breast Health”, 1998.)

How do your breast augmentation capsules work?

The aesthetic breast develops in advance of the glandular breast. Early in adolescence, the brain begins secreting regular bursts of hormones that stimulate the body to lay down fat deposits in the breasts. That adipose tissue is suspended in a gelatinous matrix of connective fibers that extend from the muscle of the chest to the underside of the breast skin. Connective tissue can stretch and stretch, to accommodate as much fat as the body inserts between its fibers; the connective tissue’s spring gives the breast it’s bounce.
Female breasts are comprised mainly of fatty tissue held together by connective tissue. All women have approximately an equal number of mammary glands. Bountiful Breast® stimulates your body to re-release hormones which in turn cause an accumulation of fatty breast tissue. This method of breast augmentation and enhancement does NOT cause a gain in general body weight!

Why do I need to drink protein shakes for breast augmentation?

Protein shakes give your body the building blocks required for the synthesis of new hormones. Amino Acids are an essential part of proteins. A chain of Amino Acids form proteins, and it is Proteins that are vital to all living organisms. Next to water, proteins make up the greatest portion of our body weight. They make up our organs, glands, muscles, ligaments, tendons, nails and hair. The composition of each protein is determined by which chain of amino acid is present, and how they link to form a specific protein. Proteins can not be obtained from diet unless they are broken down into amino acids. Therefore, it is amino acids that are truly the essential nutrients. Most people need to supplement their body during the “growing process” with these protein nutrients. Experience has shown that using the shakes greatly contributes to the overall success!

Protein Sources

Biological value is a measurement of how efficiently a particular protein source is used by the body. Whey protein floods the body with amino acids, which are the building blocks in creating hormones, skin, hair, muscles, organs and blood. A high protein diet is a healthy and effective method for controlling obesity, cardiovascular disease and diabetes.
A good whey protein isolate such as Whey Power Plus, protein powder is low in calories, carbs and has no fat.

Are there any side effects?

No. Bountiful Breast® is completely safe and does not cause any side effects. It does not affect any medications, birth control pills, cause weight gain or unwanted hair growth. Bountiful Breast® causes your own body to release hormones responsible to increase breast size, these are female hormones not male. Do not use breast enlargement capsules if you are pregnant or nursing as our enhancers are not designed for your baby. If you have questions, please ask your doctor.

Will taking breast augmentation capsules make me fat?

No! Absolutely not, Bountiful Breast® will increase your breast size only. Overall body fat comes from increased caloric consumption. One gram of Bountiful Breast® contains approximately 3.8 calories.

Does it work on non-biological females?

Yes. Reports from transsexual customers indicate successful permanent and rapid breast enlargement.

Can I ask a question or place an order?

Yes, you can ask a question by going to our contact page and filling out the contact form or you may call toll free in the USA, Canada and the islands 1-877-552-3033.

Can Breast Augmentation Surgery be Harmful?

If you are seriously considering breast implant surgery look at this website first. These are graphic pictures and we do not recommend viewing their website unless you are seriously considering implants.


1) MEASURE YOUR BAND SIZE: Measure around your ribcage, directly under your bust. Add 4 or 5 inches to this measurement to obtain your band size in an even number. (i.e.: If your ribcage measurement is 29″ + (5) = 34″ band size. If your ribcage is 30 inches add + (4)= 34″ band size. As bras are primarily sold in even sizes.
2) DETERMINE CUP SIZE: Measure completely around your bust at the fullest point, normally across your nipples. Each inch of difference between this measurement and your BAND size = your CUP size. (i.e.: If your band size is 34″ and your bust measurement is 36″, your bra size is a 36B.) The greater the difference in inches the larger cup size you wear. If the difference is less than:
-1 inch = AA cup
1 inch = A cup
2 inches = B cup
3 inches = C cup
4 inches = D cup
5 inches = DD cup
6 inches = E cup
7 inches = EE cup

How do I use the Bountiful Breast® pills?

Take one pill in the morning with filtered water, and one pill at night with filtered water. Make sure you take them on an empty stomach, wait an hour before you eat in the morning. Do not take pills more than two times per day. If you take pills three times per day or more it could cause you to grow faster in the beginning and then stop growing abruptly. This is due to the homeopathic potentization.
Take one whey protein shake per day, mix with organic milk, juice, filtered water, rice milk, almond milk, or oat milk.
We recommend that you only need the extra supplements if you have a low body temperature or irregular periods. This is on a case by case basis.

Can teenagers use Bountiful Breast®?

Yes, teenagers can use Bountiful Breast® as soon as two years after starting menses.
Taking the capsules prior would be a waste of money as most of the breast size development is still occuring. Bountiful Breast® works especially well for teenagers. Four months is usually all that will be needed to enlarge to a C cup.
Some parents do not approve of their daughters enlarging their breasts despite the fact that a woman’s breasts are supposed to grow in puberty. Due to psychological pressures, teasing and cruel comments that both younger and older women have endured in western countries, we feel being a medium sized C cup is healthier and more benefical psychologically and can prevent psychological damage and low self esteem while avoiding future breast implant surgeries and risks that will last a lifetime if undertaken.

What are your capsules made of?

Bountiful Breast® is made from SLS (sodium lauryl sulphate free) gelatin capsules. Gelatin has a long history of being used in China for digestive disturbances and other health related issues.
We DO NOT use vege capsules because they are made from pine tree resin and are hard on the kidneys. Some vege capsules have sorbitol in them which causes digestive complaints in some people.

How long will it take for my breasts to grow?

Everyone’s body is different. As an example, consider that female breast development in young females may come early and over a comparatively short period of time, while others may be later and take longer to develop. This same example can be applied to using the Bountiful Breast® product. Some women respond very quickly, (3 to 4 months), while other clients of ours have needed to use the product for a year or slightly longer. But, our success rate is exceptional and our product guaranteed.
The length of time required is entirely up to your body. Thus the 1 month supply is not recommended if you are just starting the program. Please start with the 3 month supply. We provide an additional 1½ months for FREE, giving you a total of 4½ months for the price of 3 months.

Why do I need to supplement my Breast Enlargement Program with protein shakes?

A high quality protein shake can help by supplying needed or additional nutrients to your body while you are on the Bountiful Breast® breast enlargement program, thus optimizing your growth potential. Unfortunately, some protein shakes will also cause you to gain un-needed excess weight. For this reason we have created a great tasting, low calorie, low fat and no sugar protein shake to help you with the program.
Whey Power Plus is a scientifically developed whey protein isolate protein powder, developed by our Naturopathic Doctor and designed to deliver the best results in conjunction with Bountiful Breast®.
After your purchase, you will be redirected to our Whey Power Plus website so that you can learn what Whey Power Plus may do for you.

International Orders, Please Read

If you live in Germany, Italy or Malta you must have a doctors prescription for our product! Sorry.
We can, however, ship to Switzerland if this helps anyone in the countries mentioned above. All other countries are not a problem.

Will the breast pills work if I have had a hysterectomy?

Yes, Bountiful Breast® pills will work for you if you still have your ovaries. If your ovaries have been removed, you will most likely not experience the benefits of Bountiful Breast®.
Note for transgender females: you can still grow breasts and develop female body characteristics if you have testicles or have had an ovary and uterus transplant.

I have been taking Bountiful Breast for short time and feel bigger and fuller but when I measure the tape is still the same. What is going on? Am I imaging my breasts are growing? How can they seem bigger but not show on the tape measure?

The only way to know if your breasts have grown in the beginning is to check how a well known bra you are used to wearing fits.
There is no real way to measure fuller and rounder breasts in circumference. The circumference builds before your breasts are standing further away from your chest. Base building needs to happen before the tape is bigger across the nipples. This is why when you hold your breasts in your hands they feel fuller and bigger, it’s the circumference filling out. If the circumference did not fill out first you would have pointy breasts with a cone shape.
If you have breast feeding damage, i.e., sagging and flattening to repair, your breasts will get firmer and rounder first, the top of the breast will fill back in. None of this will show on the measuring tape in the beginning but the firmness and fullness will be apparent. If the circumference did not fill in first you would just have bigger, saggy breasts.

Do the bottles have an expiration date?

Every bottle has an expiration date on it, that is the law. The factory codes the bottles on the day they are made according to the USDA, DSHEA manufacturing and GMP laws. This is based on what the known product life is for a specific ingredient. If you leave the bottles sitting in the sun for months it will obviously expire sooner. These expiration dates are based on room temperature.

Cancellation & Refund Policy – COVID-19

Due to COVID-19 PANDEMIC, and now short-staffed, we cannot readily accommodate last-minute changes for orders. We ask that you be certain when placing your order.


We ask you to please allow 2 business working days to receive your tracking information and if not arrived in your inbox, please check your SPAM or JUNK mail. Email

Money Back Guarantee for Biological Females

Money Back Guarantee Biological Females Only – One Year Supply BB Pills.
To be eligible for our Money Back Guarantee you must purchase Our “Super” Bundle Package Money Back Guarantee. Our BB pills are a one year supply. If after a period of one year of taking our BB pills and you adhere to the money back guarantee instructions, Avalon Essentials will refund you back with the exception of $80 for administration and consulting fees. You are to follow up with your progress on a monthly basis with Jules, Program Consultant and Avalon Essentials, LLC Expert Team where they will support you with your results and help answer questions you may have.
Avalon Essentials, LLC requires you to obtain your before and after measurements on a doctor or nurse practitioner’s letterhead to be eligible for the Money Back Guarantee Program. The measurements must come from a “certified doctor or nurse practitioner outside of family or friends” or the Money Back Guarantee will be forfeit. Your before measurements must be submitted to Avalon Essentials, LLC within 10 business working days, from the day you receive your package.
For Example: You receive your Package on January 15, 2019. Avalon Essentials, LLC must receive your before measurements by January 25, 2019 or the Money Back Guarantee will be forfeit.
On completion of our one year BB program, you are to again get your measurements on letterhead from your doctor or your nurse practitioner where you originally went to and submit it to us either by email or mail it to Avalon Essentials, LLC, C/o Carlos Giraldo, 297 State Street, Bldg. 1, North Haven, CT 06473

FAQs Bountiful Breast product

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