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Breast Enhancement Products Truth Expose

There are dozens of breast enhancement pills for sale; after reviewing several dozen breast enlargement products websites we saw a pattern emerge with almost all of them; false photos, photos of breast implants, photos stolen from plastic surgeons’ websites, websites created by marketing firms with large affiliate networks to pump out herbal pill sales and companies competing with themselves, sometimes with six to twelve different labels. We also found fake testimonials and stolen testimonials and stolen photos taken off our website! Over the years we have filed lawsuits against these companies. 

Millions of women have been tricked into buying cheap, ineffective breast enhancement products and may give up hope or miss our product entirely after wasting their money and having their hopes dashed.

Breast Enlargement Products Scams

It would be unethical to name these websites but we think by pointing out this apparent fraud people will see the truth and save their money. Some of the websites are made by pornography designers and feature photoshopped women with giant breast implants.

Unfortunately, the myriad of scam herbal breast pills reflect poorly on us and we are sure this deprives many women the chance to actually enlarge their breasts naturally using our real breast enhancement products, i.e., Bountiful Breast® pills and cream. Compare our testimonials and photo gallery to every other website and you will see the difference.

Breast Enlargement Products Available

There are several different types of breast pills; herbal breast pills, Pueraria Mirifica pills and our glandular breast enhancer pills. Herbal breasts are all a variation of phytoestrogens, they retain fluid causing a small swelling of the breasts; phytoestrogens are not estrogen. Most of the herbal breast companies have their customers avoid caffeine because caffeine is a diuretic and takes away any results gained. 

Herbal pill companies also claim they stimulate mammary gland growth; this is untrue, there is no such thing as growing larger mammary glands.

Mammary glands comprise about one teaspoon of space in a woman’s breast regardless of her breast size; the majority of breast size is made up of fat. None of these herbal breast pill companies stay in business for more than one or two years and in fact, there is a new herbal breast enlargement pill company springing up every week. Read our FAQ page and the rest of our website to learn more about glandular breast enlargement invented by Avalon Essentials

breast enhancement products

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