Breast Enlargement Costs

The Breast Enlargement Cost

There are many factors in the pursuit of the perfect breast or enlarging your breasts. Society has placed a lot of mental programming and high expectations of perfection on women of all ages. Men see images of perfect bodies and they expect an unrealistic, unnatural, never sagging breast. With age and child bearing those formerly perky breasts eventually flatten out and fall and some of us didn’t even get a decent pair of breasts to begin with. This is when we find ourselves asking what can I do and what is the cost of natural breast enlargement? Should I just go ahead and get surgery? Everyone else is doing it and models and actresses are getting their breasts done. It seems like an easy solution to an emotionally debilitating problem. 

Breast Enlargement the Easy Way

Almost like a magic pill but not quite, Bountiful Breast is the answer most women have been looking for. If you can live with nice, round, fuller breasts and forgo the unnatural stuffed grapefruit appearance of Playboy magazine we can solve your problems. Using Bountiful Breast is safe, affordable, moderately fast-acting and permanent. One of the best things about having your own breasts is being natural when almost everyone else has installed big, fake boobs. There are so many silicone and saline breasts out there that they are no longer special. We have all seen moms and older women sporting a new, big set of fake boobs and at this point, it is no longer interesting or attractive to most men or women. Women are only opting for surgery because they feel desperate and sad. We sympathize with this plight; no women should have to feel this way! 

The Breast Enlargement Cost in our Society is actually Very High

Let’s examine a typical breast enlargement cost and surgical fees…anesthesia, breast implants and operating room costs are between $3,000 and $5,000 dollars. Many of you may think, hey I can afford that! The hidden breast enlargement cost is within the multiple surgeries for replacement breast implants ever ten years. The old decaying implant must be removed from your body, in ten years you will be older, the implant will have tissue grown in around it and will require digging to get it out. You most likely will have hardening, scar tissue and even potential complications like rupture and infection. In another ten years you will need another breast implant replacement, are you really willing to go through four to five or more breast surgeries each one progressively harder and more dangerous? Another hidden breast enlargement issue many women face are repairs to their chest from lopsided implants, hardened implants, burst implants and infections. Doctors will not pay for any errors or damages to your body; you must pay the surgeon, the anesthesiologist and the hospital or surgery center very time you need “work.” Implant shells are made from PVC and heavy metals, these cause autoimmune disease in many women. If you get an autoimmune disease you are facing hundreds of thousands of dollars in medical care costs. Many women have lost their jobs, husbands and health insurance all thanks to autoimmune disease caused by breast implants! That is the true non-natural breast enlargement cost. Vanity is NOT worth it ladies.

Breast Enlargement Solution

Use our Bountiful Breast pills and our clinically proven Bountiful Breast cream; you will save money and be safe.

Your friends, family, co-workers, and partner will know you have real breasts, instead of being another one of those women who have fake boobs. Be special, take your time growing your own breasts, this sends a much healthier message to the world rather than being someone who has such low self-esteem that they are willing to risk their health.

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