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Breast Implants

Saline breast implants are certainly the safest choice if you don’t want natural breast enlargement. But keep in mind, they aren’t always safe though. Imagine the saline implant solution seeping out into your body. A little salt and little water. You can deal with that. Now think about silicone, inorganic chemicals, leaking and absorbing into you system. That’s the main debate of silicone vs. saline breast implants.

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You will find another option: natural breast enhancement products. They provide promising results without the problems and the high cost of surgery. Don’t take my word for it. Look at what a lot of happy women who did it this way are saying.

Going through the surgical process

If you first talk with a surgeon about getting gel or saline inserts, you’ll be surprised at all the details. You’ll be asked how you want them placed and where you prefer to have the incision. You can choose to have them inserted under the chest muscle or on top. Having them put under the muscle can be more painful and increase your healing time.

Because most implant surgeries leave a scar that doesn’t go away, your doctor will try to help you choose a spot that’s not noticeable. Everyone heals differently, so depending on your own skin and how you treat your body (smoking, alcohol, etc); it can determine how well your scars will heal.

*Note some breast implant problems: infection, heavy bleeding, and reactions to the anesthesia.

Shape, size and texture

You will also be asked to decide what shape, size and surface texture you want. These are the choices that will have a big impact on the final results; the way you look. When it comes to shape, you can choose from what seems to be a long list: round, contoured, anatomical, smooth, and textured implants. Although you’ll find information trying to be persuasive you, in the end, there’s no evidence that one is superior to another.

Breast implant size has more to do with the success of your surgery than you might think. Gel and saline implants that are too small have a higher risk of breast implant rippling or displacement. And before you go too large you need to make sure you have enough fatty tissue for support.

Learning about natural enhancements

As you now know, you can see there’s a bunch think about if you are thinking of getting implants. It’s not as simple as telling a doctor that you want saline breasts and getting surgery. With natural enhancement solutions, you avoid all this mess; you have the chance to get what you want naturally at a significantly lower cost, with a long-term money-back guarantee backing it up.

While it may seem surreal on the surface that herbal or progesterone pills and rubbing creams can enlarge or enhance your bustline; but beyond the skepticism lies a bunch of women with 1, 2, and 4 cup size larger with added firmness.

Progesterone breast pills are considered to be the most effective enlargement product because of consistent results. The reason why is, they cause your body to send hormones to your brain activating growth, just like during puberty. Also, there are no complications with alcohol, smoking, medications, which herbal products have.

As for creams, they help with firming, which is great, but there is no evidence they help make you larger.

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Silicone and the safer saline breast implants are popular, no doubt. They make a lot of women satisfied. So do our products. Explore both solutions some more. Start with the Bountiful Breast FAQ section, and feel free to call us if you have additional questions, we’re here to help you.  

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