Breast Cancer Prevention Through Lower Blood Glucose Levels

Do you worry about getting breast cancer? How would you feel if you knew your daily doses of bread, pasta, sugar, alcohol and pastries could allow cancer to develop? This is exactly what 12 independent studies have shown. Why do cancer rates including breast cancer continue to increase? Are you or your loved ones eating yourselves to death?

Breast cancer prevention is a topic on most women’s minds, either because a friend or relative had breast cancer or thanks in part to the media and celebrities like Angelina Jolie. Sadly Angelina went so far as to have her own breasts amputated in her attempt at preventing breast cancer.

Breast cancer prevention – Elevated Blood Glucose Increases Breast Cancer Incidence

What causes breast cancer and what are the best methods of breast cancer prevention? High-normal blood glucose is a leading cause of disease and premature death overlooked by mainstream doctors today and the average person who is working to maintain their health. You may be buying organic produce, exercising, not smoking cigarettes and you think you are doing a great job at staying healthy, taking your vitamin supplements. Most people fail to realize they are still setting themselves up for disease and possibly cancer. The Standard American Diet contains too many starches and simple sugars, while our overburdened livers synthesize too much glucose by a process called gluconeogenesis. That mocha latte cappuccino with 47 grams of white sugar or corn syrup per drink is something we can all live without if we want to have good health.

80% or more of the US adult population has increased blood glucose levels shown to be in the danger zone and that number continues to increase every year. Most of these people are not diagnosed diabetics but simply have blood sugar considered by most physicians as normal! Fasting blood glucose levels (over 85 mg/dL) are shown to increase the risk of death from cardiovascular disease by a whopping 40% in a long-term study conducted on almost 2,000 people. This and other studies show that even in otherwise healthy human beings, those with high-normal glucose are at increased risk of vascular-related deaths and cancers of all types. Published studies document that people with high blood sugar levels are at much higher risk for diseases. This means if you are serious about how to avoid breast cancer you need to monitor your own fasting blood sugar and work to keep it below 85 mg/DL.

Diabetes is reaching epidemic proportions in the US and will take down our health care system as we have a nation of overnight and obese individuals who require a lot of expensive health care in the form of drugs, hospitalization, surgeries, and nursing care. As our system gets burdened with these rising levels of health problems there is a shortage of doctors and nurses. Older people are not the only ones with serious health risks many young people are developing diabetes including children! Working at breast cancer prevention is something any woman can and should do, so share this article with your friends and family! We all know someone who eats or drinks a lot of sugar or carbohydrates, most people are simply unaware of the risks of getting breast cancer from eating sugar.

The chart below illustrates the damage done to your body when glucose levels are higher than optimal ranges. (The optimal fasting glucose level is under 86 mg/dL). Your chances of breast cancer prevention greatly go up when you keep your blood sugar low!




ConditionsGlucose Level (mg/dL)Increased Risk!
Developing Type II Diabetes100-104Up to 283%
Stomach Cancer95-105Up to 130%
First-time Heart AttackAbove 88242%
Need for Coronary Bypass
or Stent Procedure
Above 9573%

How can I lower my blood sugar levels? Eat fresh whole foods, more vegetables, berries, and meat, while restricting your intake of carbs, i.e., bread, pasta, pizza, white potatoes, desserts, potato chips, fast food and alcohol. 

By inhibiting intestinal absorption of carbohydrates, suppressing excess production of glucose in the liver, and improving glucose utilization in tissues through enhanced insulin sensitivity. The following supplements have been shown to help support healthy glucose levels. Chromium, lipoic acid, and green tea extract. If you have a high fasting blood sugar levels see a qualified health practitioner for assistance.

If you are serious about breast cancer prevention you should go see a doctor and ask to get your fasting blood sugar levels tested. Modifying your diet and supplement plan today could save your life, money and prevent a lot of suffering and decreased the quality of life. Younger people also need to learn how to live a healthy lifestyle while they are still young and healthy; prevention is the best medicine when it comes to breast cancer prevention and other diseases.


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