How to Get Bigger Boobs Naturally

How to Get Bigger Boobs Naturally? Find Out Here

The bigger the boobs, the sexier the lady. That one’s just a fact. A big bust is the ultimate sign of femininity — the bigger it is, the more attractive you are, and the more confident you feel about yourself.

So, you want to get a bigger bust. You are on the fence between getting breast implants or going the natural route. You’re wondering if there is a natural way at all to increase your bust size. Well, the good news is, there is a natural way! If you want to know how to get bigger boobs naturally, read on to find out.

How to Make Your Boobs Bigger Naturally  

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How to Get Bigger Boobs Naturally

Eat foods that contain phytoestrogen.

For your breasts to increase in size, your body should receive a boost in estrogen. One way for that to happen is to get more phytoestrogen instead. Phytoestrogen is a plant-based compound that can mimic the effects of estrogen in your body. When your body receives phytoestrogens, several benefits can occur; relief from menopausal symptoms, acne relief, prevention of osteoporosis, and more. 

And since breast development is also an effect of having an estrogen boost, this may also happen when you eat food containing phytoestrogen. Examples include nuts, beans, peas, black or green tea, flax seeds, soy, and Dong Quai.

Exercise more.

A standard piece of advice shared to those who want to know how to get bigger boobs naturally is to start exercising. However, natural breast size is affected by a lot of factors, mainly genetics. So, it can seem not very easy at first to wrap your head around the fact that there is something that can be done to get your breasts bigger. 

Exercise can undoubtedly help because exercise firms your breast tissues. This gives breasts a rounder, fuller look. Choose routines that focus on the pectorals, back muscles, and chest. Examples are push-ups, wall presses, and chest presses.

Try pills to make your boobs bigger.   

If you want to increase your boob size without ever going under the knife, you can try Godiva and Bountiful Breast pills to make your boobs bigger. There are a lot of women that stand by our breast enhancement pills to grow breast in non-surgical method. A lot of transwomen as well have breast enhancement pills to thank for their new, womanly figure.

What breast enhancement pills do is help your body generate more estrogen. If your body has its system of producing hormones, think of breast enhancement pills as helpers to make that system work better. As a result, not only will your breasts increase in size, but they will also look like they were naturally big.

Try breast cream.   

Breast cream, on the other hand, is another natural way to increase your bust size. The best breast cream contains key ingredients, one of which is Pueraria Mirifica, which contains phytoestrogens. It also works by adding fat storage to wherever it is applied, giving your breasts a fuller shape and a perkier look.

How to Get Bigger Boobs Naturally

Why not Breast Enlargement surgery?

On the topic of getting bigger boobs naturally, many people might say that it is too difficult or that the process takes too long. However, many women or transwomen still want to get bigger boobs instantly, which makes them consider getting breast augmentation surgery.

There are several reasons why that would not be a great option. First, by getting breast implants, you run the risk of infection, complications, or illness. Also, breast augmentation surgery can be really expensive. And since it is a cosmetic procedure, it is highly unlikely that your healthcare insurance provider will provide coverage for it. So ask yourself, is it worth breaking the bank and needing revision surgeries every ten years?

Lastly, and this is perhaps the biggest deal-breaker, many breast implants tend to look fake. They can look and be too stiff as well. The best-looking boobs are naturally big ones. This makes for a more feminine, more attractive, much sexier silhouette.

Natural is always the way to go. That is why, as much as possible, you should explore ways to increase the size of your boobs without surgery. You want to look as though you were born with a beautiful bust.

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