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Orgullosa de ser toda natural. Por favor done sus fotografías de antes y después. Su generosa donación nos ayudara a salvar mas mujeres de enfermedades causadas por los implantes de busto.

Silvia Foote

Silvia Foote's before and after breast growth
I had started looking into breast enlargements back in March 2007 and really didn’t want to get Implants so I looked all over the internet for natural breast enhancements and the first website that came up was Bountiful Breasts. I started reading the testimonials and looked at the before and after pictures and just envied everybody in there that are bigger then me and at first I was thinking that it couldn’t be real, because if it was why isn’t every Woman on this program and why haven’t I heard about it.

Leslie R.

Leslie R. before and after breast growth
I have always been very “straight-up-and-down” in build. Basically, I look just like my mom and am built like my dad – athletic, tall, thin, long arms, long legs, and I always had small breasts. Built like a runner. Most of my friends started puberty around age 12 and started developing breasts, and I figured I just needed to wait and I would catch up them.

Shawna F.

before and after photos of Shawna F.
My name is Shawna, and I am Bountiful Breast products number one fan!! These pills have changed my attitude, my self-esteem, and my life for the better. I was very skeptical about taking these pills (my boyfriend made fun of me and did NOT believe they would work).

Nancy N.

N. N. natural breast enlargement before and after photos
My name is Nancy (I prefer using my first name only in my testimonial) I am of Asian descent, I started on Bountiful Breast about 3 months ago and began noticing tenderness and swelling in breasts like the feeling you get before menstruation. My breasts feel fuller and my bra fits very snug. I'm a 34B and have always felt conscious about my small breast size and thought about getting breast implants.


Melissa breast growth pics
After taking the Bountiful Breast pills I am fitting into my 34 B’s quite fully. My breasts are firmer, denser and fuller like they were before I breast fed, this in itself is a major accomplishment. My goal is to become a full C and I believe that with the continued use of the Bountiful Breast pills I will reach my goal.


before and after breast growth of Cynthia
My bra’s are getting tighter and it’s time to visit Victoria Secrets once again. Attached is my before photo and my very happy during photos. I am so excited about this product and have only good things to say about it.


Jane breast growth pics

Michelle Choi

Total so far that I've grown in 6 months is 3 1/2 inches now!


Charlene Coons

Ally McPherson

Ally McPherson before and after image


Jo before and after image
When I started using Avalon Essentials’ Bountiful Breast pills I was flat! I have been using BB pills for one year and I am now a 36C!

Angel W.

Inga M

Inga M. before and after image
After 3 months my boyfriend even bought me a bra that was a small C cup!! I was surprised and amazed, because I didn’t think I’d grown that much!

Jennifer Johnson

Jennifer Johnson before and after image

Laura Rutt

Laura before and after image

Cecily Henderson

Cecily Henderson before and after image

Stacy Schweiss

Stacy Schweiss breast enlargement before and after photos
I am the skeptic of all skeptics. I have never bought anything from TV, the Internet, magazines, or shopping networks because of skepticism and a fear of risk; no matter how beneficial a company made a product sound.
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Aurora D. Testimonial Customer
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