Breast Enlargement Pills What’s In Them and How Do They Work

Breast Enlargement Pills What’s In Them and How Do They Work

Have you repeatedly cursed the heavens for not blessing you with big breasts during puberty?If your breast size has been causing you major insecurities, shame, and general emotional struggle, know that growing your breasts is entirely possible even in adulthood!

We should be thankful for the times we are in today. Modern science has enabled women to develop a larger bust even decades after puberty. And no, we are not referring to breast augmentation surgery. An all-natural solution also helps you grow natural-looking breasts: breast enlargement pills and breast enlargement creams.

If you want to start your breast growth journey today, begin by getting familiar with the basics of how these products affect your body. This article will be a lot of help! Read on to learn more.

Do these Breast Enlargement Pills & Creams supplements even work?

The answer is yes, and they do work. Many who try these pills out do not experience any good results because they want instantaneous results. They want to see their breast size increase within just a few weeks or months of using these products.

The truth, though, is that these supplements are called supplements for a reason – they give your body’s natural hormone-producing processes a boost. They act as helpers and “push” hormones and cells to reinvigorate the way your body produces estrogen and develops breast size.

If you are willing to go on a challenging journey of using natural breast growth supplements, you must put a lot of patience and trust into the process. You must give your body time to adjust to its new “helpers.”

You have to maintain a strong and healthy body so that there are no other issues that can potentially hinder these supplements from working. 

Most of all, you have to give it time. It can take months for your breasts to develop into a larger size than before; even then, the difference may not be a full cup or two.

Successful breast growth supplement users know and understand that breast growth involves a gradual process. Even if you do not see results immediately, the moment you do – a bit further into the future – all your patience and hard work will be worth it!

Secondary sex characteristics are first developed in puberty, and over time, these hormonal changes stop once the body is “developed” in one’s teenage years or adulthood. However, an extra boost in estrogen through phytoestrogens can give this hormone-producing process a bit of a jumpstart to keep things flowing again.

What should you look for in natural breast enhancements and creams?

When choosing natural breast enhancements and creams, you should take the time to look up the ingredients and get a good grasp of the science behind it all. Stimulated breast growth can be quite a challenge – of course; bodies only naturally produce enough estrogen to shape the body into a womanly form during puberty. 

When you are trying to kick start that process again later in life, there can be intricate details about anatomy and reproductive health that you need to be familiar with to know how pills and creams would affect your body.

Not all breast enhancement pills and creams work – some are composed of ingredients that do not do much for the body’s hormone reproduction processes. Choose products that contain ingredients that genuinely work.

What “healthy” means depends on each product. The usual healthy dosage, though, is two times a day, one in the morning and one at night. Can take pills along with complementary products like breast enhancement creams and a diet and exercise regimen. 

Complementary products and a good diet and exercise routine make for a holistic breast growth journey – not just focused on the breasts but on the person’s health.

When choosing which pills to get from which brand, it would be better for you if complementary products were available from the same brand. This is because these products are designed with the intention that they complement each other.  You have a higher chance of growing your breasts faster and healthier when you choose a bundle package instead of just specific products.

When starting a breast growth journey in adulthood, it will not just be about the products themselves. You want to make sure that you are joining a community of women and men who are just as committed as you and believe in the effectiveness of these products.

A reputable company will have enough information about the products to go through to familiarize you with how your breast growth enhancement journey will play out. They will also be available to provide you with the help and support you need, from answering your questions to providing you with great advice. 

Can estrogen pills increase breast size?

When you think about estrogen pills for women, the pills that do contain estrogen are birth control pills. (Breast growth supplements contain either phytoestrogens or glandular stimulators, not necessarily estrogen itself.) 

Birth control pills also contain progestin, which is synthetic progesterone. Progesterone is another type of female sex hormone. The body naturally produces them during the menstrual cycle, and because of this hormone production, your breast tissue will experience changes.

The continued use of birth control pills can increase breasts slightly. Breast size can return to normal after a few cycles. Breast size can also reduce to average when a woman stops her birth control routine.

Another reason a woman would experience an increase in breast size while on birth control is that the pill makes the body retain fluid. This makes the breasts feel and appear fuller, contributing to some weight gain.

Can you take breast enhancement products while taking birth control pills?

The short answer is NO. The primary purpose of a birth control program is for reproductive health – to prevent ovulation and, therefore, pregnancy. 

It can lead to a range of side effects like nausea and vomiting, breast tenderness, tiredness, weight gain, bloating, and mood swinging, to name a few – which most women who choose to prevent ovulation often typically have to attend to symptomatically.

What about estrogen pills for transgender women?

For transgender women, the case is different. Transgender women who choose to develop feminine characteristics often decide to undergo feminizing hormone therapy, which involves estrogen and anti-androgens. Estrogen reduces testosterone to build secondary sex characteristics like breasts, and anti-androgens block testosterone to prevent masculine sex characteristics like hair growth.  

While results vary, feminizing hormone therapy can lead to breast growth in persons assigned male at birth. Estrogen pills for transgender women for feminization are not prescribed to biological women. These pills are also often a part of a more significant effort (as mentioned above, they work together with anti-androgens), so they are unavailable for breast growth only.

Do iodine pills help increase breast size?

No, iodine pills do not help increase breast size. Iodine supplements promote breast health, not breast growth. 

This is because iodine can help treat fibrocystic breast disease. As the name suggests, fibrocystic breast diseases involve the development of sacs (better known as cysts), which cause one to feel lumps or tenderness in their breasts. This disease affects up to 50% of women of reproductive age.

Iodine plays a significant role in thyroid health and helps improve estrogen metabolism, breast tissue development, ovulation, and fetal development. A woman’s breasts, ovaries, and cervix also contain a high concentration of iodine so an iodine deficiency would be detrimental to a woman’s health.

Iodine has significant antioxidant properties, and iodine supplements can protect a woman from cellular damage. Even a diet rich in iodine can already do so much in preventing breast cancer, as iodine helps develop normal breast tissue and helps clear any risk of abnormal cell formation.
Iodine is also excellent at promoting ovulation and progesterone production. It can also help relieve uncomfortable menstrual symptoms like pre-menstrual breast tenderness and low progesterone.

In pregnancy and fertility, iodine benefits a mother and baby’s development. Even in conception, iodine is essential: women are more likely to conceive and carry a pregnancy to term if they have enough iodine in their system. Iodine deficiency can be one factor that increases the risks of miscarriage, stillbirth, and congenital abnormalities, to name a few.

Iodine deficiency can also affect a baby’s brain. Iodine aids in a baby’s thyroid and brain development, so an iodine-rich prenatal vitamins and pregnancy diet significantly reduce the risk of poor brain health for the baby. Pregnant and breastfeeding women can consume 220 mcg to 270 mcg of iodine daily.

An important thing to note is that iodine supplements are not to be taken without a physician’s recommendation, especially for pregnant women or women who are treating reproductive health diseases. Iodine deficiency can be only one part of the whole picture of your health, and a physician would be able to design a proper treatment plan that includes but is not limited to iodine deficiency correction.

Glandular therapy: the all-natural solution for bigger breasts

An extremely effective way to increase your bust size is to choose pills and creams stimulating the pituitary gland. The pituitary gland is the body’s hormone regulator, and when boosted through supplements, this can significantly improve your body’s natural hormone production process. 

This natural hormone production process includes estrogen production, stimulating breast growth. Choose progesterone-based supplements, as enough progesterone levels lead to a synthesis in impaired cortisones.

A supplement program that hinges on glandular therapy gives your body direct assistance as it produces hormones daily, bringing the process close to how your body had naturally produced estrogen when you were young or had just hit puberty.

The magic of phytoestrogens

Phytoestrogens are naturally occurring compounds found in plants. The Greek prefix “Phyto” means “plant,” and therefore, “phytoestrogen” means “estrogen coming from plants.” 

It is essential to make this distinction first. Why? Our human bodies naturally produce estrogen – the hormone that develops female secondary sex characteristics like soft skin, body shape (waist and hips), female voice, and round, full breasts.

Phytoestrogen, on the other hand, is different; since this is estrogen that does not come from the human body itself, it copies the effect that estrogen has on the human body. Phytoestrogen functions much like animal estrogen, which means it can be understood as a “substitute” or an “alternative” for human estrogen.

Aside from breast development, what are the other positive effects of phytoestrogen in the body?
– Relief for menopause symptoms
– Osteoporosis prevention in women
– Acne treatment

Examples of foods and herbs that contain phytoestrogens

Pueraria Mirifica 
Black cohosh root
Dong Quai root

Licorice root
Blessed thistle
Wild yam root
Saw palmetto
Buckwheat leaves and flowers

Coffee and tea 

Bringing It All Together: Bountiful Breast Pills and Creams

Here at Bountiful Breast, experience the best of natural breast growth supplements. We have a full range of products that complement each other, allowing you to experience a breast enhancement program that is entirely holistic. 

Most of all, this process is entirely natural – our pills and creams are designed to help your body do what it does best: produce hormones that increase your breast size.

With this solution, there is no need for you to resort to breast augmentation surgery, which is frequently too dangerous and expensive. Breast augmentation surgery also results in boobs that look fake and are too stiff, which is the complete opposite of the definition of “feminine” and “sexy!”

As mentioned above, patience, consistency, and a total commitment to the process lead to accurate, natural results. The products we have available for you are:

The Bountiful Breast pill is an all-natural, non-herbal pill that stimulates the pituitary gland, following the glandular therapy system. This pill was derived from beef cattle extract, which is excellent at increasing levels of growth hormones and prolactin. (Prolactin is the hormone that stimulates breast growth and milk production.)

Our firming breast cream works as a complement to our natural breast enlargement pills. They contain Volufiline and Bio-Bustyl that helps store fat in the areas where it is applied. Not only does it work on the breasts, but it is also effective as a butt and hips enhancer.

Our Godiva pills and cream are all-natural and 100% safe, containing the natural extract of Pueraria Mirifica, which is rich in phytoestrogens. As mentioned above, phytoestrogens mimic the effect of estrogen in your body, helping you develop better, rounder breasts.

Our Godiva cream is a triple-action cream with a patented composition of ingredients. More than that, it leaves your skin feeling smooth and smelling fresh!

What should you look for when taking natural breast enhancement pills and creams?

As with any supplement program, you should make sure that you only take these supplements in the proper, recommended daily doses. Taking too much can cause gastrointestinal side effects and stomach pain.
Another possible side effect is endocrine disruption, which means that too many phytoestrogens can lead to misalignments in your body’s hormonal levels. 

More than that, you must know if your body has any unique conditions that may prevent these phytoestrogens from working. Speaking with your trusted physician before starting any supplement program is always a good idea. In general, you should consult with your doctor for further education and protection.

Grow a big, natural, sexy bust in the best possible way with the help of Bountiful Breast

You deserve to live life with no regrets. You truly deserve to look in the mirror and be happy with the woman you see, and if a better bust is the way to get there, you’re in luck: Bountiful Breast can help you with that.

Check out our products today! For inquiries, call us at 1-877-552-3033 or message us at 1-647-867-6180.


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